Eun Mi Lee, the Barefoot Diva,
Transforms into a Fashion Model.
Eun Mi Lee diffuses her mature and
liberal charm for Le Beige Magazine.
Eun Mi Lee, the leading diva of Korea known for her magnificent stage performance, poses as a fashion model.

Eun Mi Lee posed for Le Beige Magazine (4th issue), published by Le Beige for passionate senior consumers. LEBEIGE is an apparel brand for matured women by Cheil Industries and Lee represented the fashion for the lifestyle of sensible women.

Le Beige Magazine is an annual publication by LEBEIGE and offers various contents for the “Beige Generation” with unique styles founded on generous lifestyles and elegance. The 4th issue published in 2012, in particular, has adopted a special theme, , and includes a fashion collection along with an interview with Eun Mi Lee.

Eun Mi Lee, who seldom posed for fashion magazines, accentuated her unique liberal sensibility with LEBEIGE’s F/W collection and her signature haircut. In this fashion collection, Lee took off her toughness on the stage and displayed her matured charm from profound self-examination. She also opened up in the interview her personal stories about the last 20 years of her life as a singer, her self-examination, and her knowhow to overcome hardships.

“Eun Mi Lee is more charming in life than she is on stage, says Photographer Sun Hee Cho, who is also a good friend of Eun Mi Lee. “She has an endlessly pure and innocent soul. This collaboration with her was an exciting job where I could capture her charm for a fashion magazine.”

LEBEIGE, an apparel brand for matured women, will continue to publish Le Beige Magazine to represent the happy and beautiful lifestyles and views of the Beige Generation as the pioneer of culture and lifestyle beyond fashion.