Reflects the designs of endangered animals, including the Greenland reindeer, spotted seals, and polar bears.

Intarsia sweaters and socks featuring animal images.

Joint promotion with ‘Pharmacy,’ a clean beauty brand, through the 6th of next month.

BEANPOLE GOLF of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group announced on the 17th that a collection of endangered animals has been released to raise awareness for endangered animals based on its philosophy as a sustainable brand.

Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group declared last September sharing with its partners a common principle related to human rights and environmental protection and has been taking initiatives to use regenerative materials and fillers, responsible down standards (RDS), and less fabric causing environmental pollution. 

BEANPOLE GOLF has released products featuring Greenland reindeer, spotted seals, and polar bears, which are the endangered animals affected by global warming and higher sea level to lose habitats and population.

The Intarsia (weaving with partially different colors) sweaters are featuring the images of polar bears and Greenland reindeer, spotted seals, and polar bears, while the socks are featuring the images of Greenland reindeer and spotted seals.

BEANPOLE GOLF’s endangered animal collection uses windproof lining for warmth and functionality for both the field and daily wear. 
The sweaters are priced at 359,000 KRW and socks at 15,000 KRW.

“We have presented the collection to use eco-friendly materials as a sustainable brand and raise awareness for the endangered animals,” said Seung Hyun Kim, the head of BEANPOLE GOLF Team.  “We focused on highlighting the beauty and cuteness of animals while creating distinguished designs with their images.”

BEANPOLE GOLF will jointly promote the warm products and natural cleansers and moisturizers for the health of golfers in the winter with ‘Pharmacy,’ a beauty brand dedicated to eco-friendliness and sustainability, through the 6th of next month, to deliver the value of nature and healthy beauty.