The exhibition for French Designer ‘Charlotte Perriand’ takes place at Cheongdam Store until December 13.

Exhibits 38 photographs of nature and cities taken during her trip across Europe to inspire his designs.

Also exhibits 15 pieces of furniture that reflects the designs that represent Perriand.

10 Corso Como Seoul, which is the concept store operated by Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group, announced on the 26th that they will hold an exhibition titled ‘Charlotte Perriand, Photographer and Designer’ on the 3rd floor of Cheongdam Store located at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul until December 13, in celebration for 10 on 10 Shopping Week, a special shopping event.

10 Corso Como Milano held an exhibition for French architect and designer ‘Charlotte Perriand’ in 2014 and the upcoming event will be the first exhibition held at 10 Corso Como Seoul.

Charlotte Perriand (1903~1999) is a female architect and furniture designer from Paris and was a part of the mainstream of 20-century contemporary designs.

She was active from the 1920s and recognized as a female architect and designer who accepted the materials of modern industries and refused the rules of traditional decorations in the men-centered design industry of that time.

The upcoming exhibition was jointly curated by Enrica Viganò, the curator of Admira, a curating agency specialized in photography based in Milano, Italy, Charlotte Perriand Archives’, Cassina, an Italian premium furniture brand, and Fondazione Sozzani representing the Foundation of Carla Sozzani, the founder of 10 Corso Como.

The exhibition of Charlotte Perriand at 10 Corso Como Seoul consists of 38 photographs that inspired Perriand’s unique and intriguing work and 15 pieces of furniture of Cassina that represent her.

There will be the photographs of nature and cities taken by Perriand while traveling across Europe back in the 1930s to inspire her designs.  Perriand recorded anything that attracted her attention, including the metal structures of bridges, fish nets, and even pebbles, and captured their shapes to inspire her ideas and designs.
The most well-known photographs include ‘Charlotte Perriand with Le Corbusier's Hand, Holding a Plate by Way of a Halo (1928)’, ‘The Merry-go-round of Croatia (Manège, Croatie, 1937)’, ‘The Vertebrae of a Fish (Vertèbre de poisson, 1933)’, ‘The East Side of Grepon and a Bike Track, Chamonnix (La face est du Grépon et la « vire à bicyclette », Chamonix, 1930)’.

The pieces of furniture reflecting Perriand’s signature designs featured in the exhibition are 'Nuage' the shelf, 'LC7' the revolving chair, and 'Tokyo Chaise Longue.'

“10 Corso Como Seoul invites the exhibitions of world-class artists every year and this year’s artist will be ‘Charlotte Perriand, one of the main players of modern designs in the 20th Century,’ said Ae Da Song, the head of 10 Corso Como Team.  “We hope that it can be a special experience with the artworks reflecting Perriand’s belief that good designs have good influence to customers.”