Grand launching of ‘Label C,’ a select shop for clean beauty.

Expanded ‘ANOTHER#,’ the online select shop, with new brands in beauty and food.

SSF Shop recorded 52% higher revenue with over 87% growth in September alone, as of the end of September.


SSF Shop is expanding the lifestyle brands to boost communication with the MZ generation. 

SSF Shop (, which is Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group’s integrated online store, announced on the 6th that more lifestyle brands have been introduced to stay ahead of competition in online shopping as more people are enjoying shopping online.

SSF Shop has launched ‘Label C,’ the select shop specialized in clean beauty, to curate and present the best-selling products of the most sought-after beauty shops around the world.
Label C was named so to identify (Label) the brands representing clean (Clean) beauty.  It will be promoted through BEAKER, the contemporary select shop, for both the online and offline businesses. 

In particular, Label C uses nature-friendly ingredients with less skin irritation and prioritizes people and the environment in every stage as far as the ingredients, production, and containers are concerned.  

Some of the major brands include ‘Bamford,’ the total naturalist beauty brand from the U.K., ‘Maison Louis Marie,’ the clean perfume with long history of plants, ‘Absolution,’ the clean French mix-and-match naturalist beauty brand, ‘Le prunier,’ from an organic plum farm in California, ‘Naturaglace,’ a skincare and makeup brand of all natural ingredients, ‘Pursoma,’ a naturalist body care brand from the U.S., ‘Kahina Giving Beauty,’ the clean beauty brand based on argan oil, ‘Alima Pure,’ the naturalist makeup brand formulated with minerals, and ‘Medibless,’ the high-functional skincare brand based on medical formulas.

Also, SSF Shop expanded ANOTHER# that has introduced new beauty brands, such as ‘The Ordinary,’ the Canadian skincare brand made with authenticity and premium technology, and ‘Ziaja,’ the skincare science brand developed by a European pharmacist for skin trouble relief, and food brands, such as ‘FLAVR,’ that brings the signature menus of the most popular restaurants and producers to the tables at home, and ‘Changhwadang,’ the brand of unique dumplings.  ANOTHER# is for the new designer brands, street brands, and lifestyle brands from Korea and abroad.

SSF Shop has recorded 52% greater revenue compared to last year as of the end of September this year and the September revenue alone was 87% greater than the same period last year.

“We are concentrating on discovering new brands for the Millennial and Z-generation customers whose consumption habits are based on distinguished value and experience,” said Seung Gyu Yoo, the head of Online Marketing Group.  “We will provide unmatched customer experience in online shopping through various beauty and lifestyle brands besides Label C.”

Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group’s SSF Shop has been using 100% recyclable paper protectors for breakable products and FSC-certified boxes (international certification for forestry-friendly products created by Forest Stewardship Council) since the beginning of this year.