Seeking comfort and practicality.

The fashion industry has been shocked by the unprecedented COVID19.
Therefore, the ’20 F/W season mainly introduces comfort wear with comfortable materials and silhouettes to give security from the ongoing crisis and extended depression.

The snuggly textures of sweater dresses, cardigans, knitted setups, and capes and the loose silhouettes embracing the body are some features of the latest comfortable yet stylish trends.

Shirkets and shirt dresses that can practically be worn as both outerwear and innerwear for various TPO also provide efficiency.

KUHO of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group presents the blended wool cardigans characterized by warm colors and textures and long length, the hooded long knit dresses with volumized silhouettes, and very finely knitted pants.  The knitted items focused on comfort and sophistication with slits on both sides and banded waist for activeness.

LEBEIGE has expanded the light and soft cashmere line in premium quality.  The sleeveless knitted dresses, knitted pullovers, long cardigans, and wide pants made of 100% cashmere enable comfortable yet elegant styling.

‘Kuho plus’ suggests practical items great for between the seasons.  Some of the two-way items include jacket-style shirts that are short in length with out-pocket details and coat-like dresses with plump silhouettes and belts.

Accent colors to invigorate the stable monotonous background

In this F/W season, the stable neutral tones are the main tones including the warm and tolerant brown.  They are accentuated by bright blue, green, red, and so on to invigorate the styles.

OIAUER has used the subtle blue as the accent color on top of natural brown, beige, and ivory this season.
Short jackets with wide pants and half-length double-button jackets with long skirts have been mixed and matched in variations of brown.

‘kuho plus’ has released collections reflecting lively green and blue on the neutral background.

Beige trench coats have been matched with blue striped t-shirts or ivory sweatshirts with khaki skirts and green bucket bags for a bubblier mood.

Tailored looks representing the new femininity

This season focuses on the new femininity characterized by the strength to overcome the fear of COVID19 and gentleness.

Prada matched tailored jackets with bottoms with fringe details, while Fendi adopted exaggerated sleeves and hourglass silhouettes for the coats.  Other premium designer brands also presented tailored looks with feminine elements.

Away from the dualistic identification of genders, the typically masculine tailored looks have been reinterpreted from the feminine perspective and emphasized the female beauty to express femininity for the contemporary context.

KUHO has presented tailored jackets and pants in blue as the signature designs.  The slim silhouettes wrap around the beautiful curves of waist and legs.
The graceful skirt suit with a crisply tailored black jacket and a medium-length skirt is also noticeable.

8SECONDS has suggested suits in powerful yet feminine colors.
Pink jackets featuring oversized shoulder lines and straight silhouettes are matched with wide slacks to complete the tailored look with boldness.  The overfit double-buttoned jackets with padded shoulders have been made more feminine with the beige tone.

Classical materials and rich details

The trends of classical archetypes and historic classics reinterpreted from the contemporary perspectives have been handed over from the S/S season.
Some of the major design elements are the timeless materials, such as tweeds, checkers, and leather, and the romantic details of past eras such as plump sleeves, ruffles, frills, and pleats.

BEANPOLE LADIES has taken advantage of the classical checkers and tweeds.
Various forms and colors of checkered patterns have been applied to jackets, quilted jumpers, shirts, dresses, and bucket hats. 
The brown tweed jackets in rough textures complete the classical mood, while the jumper-like jackets, a variation of the previous tweet style, have been matched with denim pants for more casual looks.

OIAUER presents the crisp styles of feminine details such as glamorous ruffles, plump puffs, and subtle shirling.  Black tweed jackets are matched with white ruffle-collared blouses or striped t-shirts with plump sleeves for a lovely mood.

“This season began in a crisis and stressed the value of security and protection, thus emphasizing comfort wear with comfortable materials and silhouettes and securing colors in styles,” said Ji Youn Lim, the Director of Samsung Fashion Lab.  “In fashion, more people will be seeking the contemporary femininity representing both strength and gentleness or the details borrowed from the classical styles and historic times and reinterpreted from the contemporary perspective.”