99 partners declared participation in the Pledge of Sustainability for human rights, environmental protection, etc. 

Constantly released environmentally-friendly products, especially BEANPOLE’s environmentally-friendly products, ‘B Cycle.’

SSF Shop expanded the use of paper fillers and FSC-certified eco-friendly parcel boxes.


Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group joined with partners to become a sustainable company. 

Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group (led by Chul Gyoo Park) announced last 2nd that they have pledged to share and follow the common principles related to human rights and environmental protection with 99 partners based on the principle of sustainable management.

Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group determined to safeguard human rights and be a socially responsible enterprise.  They pledged to uphold the universal values in regards to employment, discrimination, working hours, wages, welfare and benefits, child and adolescence labor. 

They also pledged to make efforts for responsible recycling of resources and prevention of environmental pollution. 
They are planning to construct the fundamental management systems for the use of energy and resources, wastewater and waste, and management of chemical matters.

In particular, the pledge was signed with all of the partners to promise the best efforts to achieve the common goal of sustainability of fashion industry through transparent communication. 

BEANPOLE introduced ‘B Cycle,’ the environmentally-friendly products, in the beginning of this year to raise awareness for environmental pollution and settle an environmentally-friendly system structure as a sustainable brand.

BEANPOLE has suggested three new standards of ‘B Cycle’: use of regenerable materials and fillers, Responsible Down Standards (RDS), and less use of fabric causing environmental pollution.

In this F/W season, BEANPOLE released padded jumpers, vests, and coats made of regenerated materials, polar fleece zip-ups, and urban sneakers made of regenerated leather.  
3-way goose down coats and puffer down jackets using RDS and biodegradable down items will also be released to reduce the use of fabric causing environmental pollution.

BEANPOLE is also continuing the ‘Bike We Like’ campaign to collect and upcycle the abandoned bicycles in the city to create and donate the one and only bicycles and bicycle parking racks.
The first donation was made to Jeungdo in Sinan-gun, Jeonnam last 2018 and the second to Tamgeumho in Chungju-si, Chungbuk last year. 

“In order to become a sustainable company, we must closely collaborate with the partners to constantly improve our processes with creativity and settle a new culture,” said Nam Young Park, the director of BEANPOLE Division (Executive Director).  “BEANPOLE will strictly uphold the three standards of environmentally-friendly production and set an example for the industry in order to become a leading sustainable brand.”

SSF Shop (, the online store for all brands of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group, introduced 100% recyclable paper fillers for breakable products in the beginning of this year and takes initiatives for eco-friendly business by using FSC-certified (an international certification for forestry products created by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)) parcel boxes.