Facing the unprecedented pandemic of COVID19, men’s needs and perception of fashion are changing.  They are turning toward the new daily wear for everyday life because of the extended stay at home due to the economic depression and COVID19. 

The non-contact lifestyle is expected to persist throughout the ’20 F/W Season.  The fashion trend of the upcoming season focuses on relieving men’s anxiety, composure of minds, comfort of bodies, and practicality.  Comfortable daily wear designed for elegant and dignified styling, coupled with practical items versatile enough for vacations, friendly gatherings, and even business, are widely popular. 

“The essential fashion items for both formal and casual wear are being released as seasonless products,” said Young Jin Choi, a senior researcher at Samsung Fashion Lab.  “It is important to provide smart styling strategies as well as high quality in order to satisfy the meticulous needs of consumers.”

Practical ‘multipurpose items’ for the post-COVID19 era.

The eyes for fashion have returned to the traditionally practical items, such as blazers and coats for versatile styling, and layered looks with reversable or detachable panels. 
Comfortable and relaxed fit that can easily be converted in wacky weathers catches the eyes of consumers.

Galaxy of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group has presented casual looks for new styling with sustainable classical items capturing sportism. 
The GT Series for activeness and wearability and the Leisure Fit Series featuring the practical wool jersey comfort jackets and garment-dyed cotton stretchy pants in unique colors are the comfortable casual lines for the non-contact lifestyle. 

Galaxy Lifestyle has released comfortable setups of polyester that looks and feels like soft cotton. 
The comfortable setups look natural and luxurious on the outside and stretch easily for comfort and maintenance.

ROGATIS suggests the ‘Modern Comfort’ look that is comfortable, practical, and sophisticated in style for the flexible lifestyles of contemporary men. 
The look includes suits, jackets, costs, and so on featuring lightweight materials and lightly-tailored natural silhouettes for comfort.  Natural materials and soft cotton with napping have been applied to various items including the jackets, pants, and outerwear. 

ROGATIS particularly released the jersey setup for the Contemporary Line A3 for men in 30s who prefer trendy designs. 
It also introduced various practical items such as handmade costs and half-length coats. 

MVIO has released daily wear that is comfortable and easy to mix and match including coats, sweaters, pants, and jackets. 
Pants and coats designed for comfort and practicality are matched with casual sweaters for dandy and luxurious styling.

Contemporary vintage items are ‘hot’!!

Timeless materials that have reinterpreted the classical designs for contemporary looks such as leather, suede, and checkers for contemporary daily wear are in fashion.  Various products have been released with variations in color coordination, patterns, and silhouettes.

Galaxy has released artificial suede for easy maintenance and short-length jumpers and leather items for more active looks.  They reflected the psychology that consumers seek softer materials and shorter lengths with economic depression.
They also stressed the feel of soft tailoring by applying knitted sleeve patches for the traditional outerwear and mixing cashmere with knits.  

Galaxy Lifestyle has presented various items accentuated with rich colors including blousons, jackets, and trench coats. 
The subtle gloss on the surface adds to the luxury, while the materials are made lighter in weight and smoother in texture to reduce fatigue even when worn for a long time. 

Galaxy Lifestyle has newly released tailored leather jackets and expanded the price range from blousons priced at 990,000 KRW to mustangs priced at 1,990,000 KRW. 

ROGATIS stressed the ‘Modern Trad’ styling with classical outerwear of checkers and hunting jackets modernly reinterpreted. 
With the influence of traditional retro, leather, mustang, and down jackets have applied classically masculine colors with depth such as cinnamon, terracotta, khaki, brown, and wine.

Natural colors - glamor and rich…

Men’s apparel for this F/W Season expresses colors that are more glamorous and richer. 
There are natural blue, green, and earthy tones, among which blue plays the key part.  Earthy tones from beige to brown are used as the basic colors. 

Galaxy introduced softer styling by adding the coziness of materials to the edgy monotonous colors for masculinity.
Various colors such as energetic red and orange, calming brown, and vivid camel, green, and wine give liveliness.  They are planning to release a masculine collection of urban monotones and dark blue in the winter season. 

Galaxy Lifestyle applied more saturated colors to various items and camel, green, and purple as the main hues. 

The ‘CARDINAL’ line, which is a collection of sophisticated casual items for a natural and gentle mode, presented luxurious and sophisticated looks with various items in camel including jackets and coats. 

ROGATIS suggested smart styling that is simple overall yet highlighted with accent colors. 
They used tone-on-tone and combinations of warm and soft colors along with innerwear and pants in various accent colors.

MVIO used neutral colors such as black and gray with richer Gracy Blue, Deep Brick, and Deep Purple as the accent colors. 
In case of the sweaters, they mostly focused on round-neck, mock-neck, turtlenecks, and cardigans with variations on the collars. 

Grooms to be rather fancy or classical

The grooms-to-be who have postponed their weddings to the F/W Season due to the COVID19 are expected to appear rather fancy. 

Galaxy has released various separated suits that can be worn for various other occasions after the wedding. 
The two signature suits are the mini hound-tooth suit in beige-brown and the checkered suit in royal blue and red.

The wedding suits for the fathers are brighter and whimsical in tones.
The combination of silk and cashmere appears glossy and different from various angles. 

ROGATIS is more engaged in luxurious and classical tuxedos for weddings. 
The greenish blue, burgundy, and wine suits complete the luxurious and classical styling for the big day.

Also, they applied various classical motifs, such as subtle herringbone and shadow checkers, and expressed various colors with the blended silk material. 

“For the post-COVID19 era, we are planning to provide products and experience that appeals to the sensibility of customers in addition to quality and service,” said Hyun Jung Lee, the design director of Galaxy.  “We will expand communication with the MZ generation by sharing the making clips and allowing them to order custom-made suits online.”