KUHO’s Spring is all about ‘layering’.
KUHO presents the collection of the 2019 S/S Season with Eun Chae Jung.

A new solution of layered style under the concept of ‘Palimpsest.’

Modern style suggestions, such as ‘Pale Lilac One Color Look’ and ‘Seersucker Setup Look.’

KUHO of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group announced on the 25th that the collection of the 2019 S/S Season has been released for the early trend-setters. 

KUHO’s model, Eun Chae Jung, perfectly posed in KUHO’s S/S items that are beautifully layered for a modern, sophisticated mood.

KUHO’s concept for the ’19 S/S Season is ‘Palimpsest.’  It means ‘an ancient text deleted and rewritten’ or ‘something with multilateral meanings.’  The inspiration for this season was the beautiful pattern of natural layering of text and images that are overlapped as the ancient parchment was reused over and over again.

In particular, KUHO presented a new style of layering of checkered organza tops, skirts, and jumpers.  The subtle see-through of innerwear turns casual items into a feminine style.

KUHO has also introduced a trench coat with a powdery texture.  The fringe detail (tassels along the edges of a shawl or scarf) that beautifully dances beneath the trench coat represents the experimental style of layering for the contemporary looks.

Also, the shirts in Pale Lilac, the key color of the season, are matched with the same color pants to carry KUHO’s unique minimalism with the sophisticated One Color Look.

In addition, KUHO has also presented the contemporary setup look for the summer.  The simple yet sophisticated blouses and skirts are made of seersucker for both the graceful mood and the pleasant feel.

“The new perspective of layering has captured the unique beauty created by coincidence as with Palimpsest,” said Design Director Hyun Jung Kim of KUHO.  “We hope that women can enhance their contemporary feminism with KUHO’s sophisticated items this spring.”