BEANPOLE SPORTS captures ‘a smile (Smiley).’
Partnered with ‘Smiley,’ a lifestyle brand, for the first collaborative project.

Smiley characters on outfits and accessories such as outerwear and sweatshirts.

Available at major BEANPOLE SPORTS stores, MUSINSA stores, and SSF Store.


“Let’s smile with BEANPOLE SPORTS!”

BEANPOLE SPORTS of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group announced on the 29th that they are collaborating with Smiley, the global lifestyle brand, to bring energy to the fashion market.

BEANPOLE SPORTS is planning to collaborate with various lifestyle brands every season starting this year, to consolidate its brand identity based on the younger sentiments.  For the first collaborative project, it has partnered with ‘Smiley,’ a global lifestyle brand.  ‘Smiley’ is currently doing business in about 100 countries and has collaborated with some of the major multinational brands, such as SUPREME, Moncler, H&M, Moschino, and ZARA.

BEANPOLE SPORTS has reinforced the positive and dynamic brand image and released various products for laughter and pleasure using the ‘Smile’ character of Smiley.  Some of the products for the younger customers in their 20s and 30s include outerwear, sweatshirts, pullovers, T-shirts, and other outfits, as well as accessories such as totes, hip sacks, tambourine bags, bucket hats, and sneakers.

The ‘Smile’ character has been accentuated with embroidery and prints and Smiley’s key color of yellow has created contrasts with black, white, gray, and other neutral tones. 

Also, Boa Fleece has been applied to various items, such as hoodies, totes, sling bags, and tambourine bags, for unique, original designs.

The prices of the collaborative items, to list a few, are 199,000 KRW for outerwear, 99,000 KRW for sweatshirts, 119,000 KRW for pullovers, 89,000 KRW for t-shirts, 59,000-69,000 KRW for bags, and 59,000 KRW for hats.

“We have decided to collaborate with ‘Smiley’ to all-time favorites that bring laughter and pleasure to younger customers in their 20s or 30s,” said Merchandiser (MD) Joo Hee Won of BEANPOLE SPORTS (Deputy Director).  “These collaborative items would make the best solutions for customers who are looking for the just-right gifts for various anniversaries and occasions.”

The collaborative products are available online at Mushinsa store and Online SSF Store ( of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group, as well as at major BEANPOLE SPORTS stores at Hyundai Department Store Cheonho Location, AK Plaza Bundang, Incheon Square 1, Lotte Department Store Suwon Location, Galleria Department Store Time World Location, and Lotte Department Store Busan Location.