Launched Northern European Lifestyle Brand, ‘GRANIT’
Fashion Group exclusively launches Swedish total lifestyle brand in Korea

Looking to differentiate products through products made with eco-friendly/recycled materials and increased PB products

Over 30 exclusive stores in Europe including Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany

Due to changes in lifestyles such as flexible family living habits of concentrating on their own work while sharing the same space, as well as the 52-hour work limit, and spread of the notion of work-life balance, there is growing consumer intervention regarding interior and home furnishing.
SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group announced on the 15th that it would engage in domestic business of the Swedish total lifestyle brand, GRANIT, with the growing popularity of the Northern European lifestyle trends.
GRANIT is a brand founded in 1997 by Anett Jorméus and Susanne Liljenberg, who worked in the Swedish fashion industry. It is a total lifestyle brand based on practicality, quality and beauty, which are the key elements of Northern European Swedish designs.
GRANIT currently has over 30 exclusive stores in the three Northern European countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway, and in Germany. SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group will be the first to begin this business in Asia.
SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group opened the GRANIT flagship store in a building with one basement level and two stories tall with a total floor space of approximately 330m2 at Garosu-gil at Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The first and second floors were comprised by theme with the main products of GRANIT, while the basement level has a the ‘r.about’ café, which is a specialty coffee brand famous for its spatial production. In addition, the garden in front of the store is lined with seasonal plants to provide customers a new brand experience opportunity.
Like its brand slogan, ‘Simplify your life – more time to live’, GRANIT aims at offering practical and high-quality products that will make life more convenient at reasonable prices.
Furthermore, the store is made up of eco-friendly products that passed the strict certification processes of Europe so that visitors can experience the Northern European lifestyle that pursues ‘sustainable life’ in the heart of the city.
In particular, GRANIT looks to differentiate from other brands using eco-friendly items (cushions, towels, aprons, etc.), products made with recycled materials (paper storage boxes, glass flower vases, etc.), as well as PB (private brand) products.
Items corresponding to the four aspects of using eco-friendly or recycled materials, limited use of chemical substances, and social corporate production are managed separately as ‘Care’ products and were indicated with a ‘heart’ on the hang tag so that customers can identify such products easily. In addition, PB products that reflect the needs of domestic consumers such as beauty/stationery/bags/food products were also produced to offer more options to customers, and plans are being made to further strengthen the competitiveness of PB products.
GRANIT intends to pass on the Swedish lifestyle of ‘small happiness in everyday life’ based on the original Northern European design products in eight major categories as follows.
pInterior design items such as lights, frames, trays, flower cases, etc. /Stationery such as notes/pens/scissors/storage containers, etc., /Kitchen items such as cooking utensils, storage instruments, silverware, etc. /Storage items such as baskets/paper/metal boxes, etc. /Gardening items such as flower pots/gardening tools/outdoor furniture, etc., /bath/beauty products such as organic body care products/aroma candles/towels/gowns, etc., /Fabric, packable and foldable bags, and /Deli products such as chocolate, caramel, spices, etc.
GRANIT was designed to go well anywhere using neutral colors such as black, white and gray that never grow old and are easy to mix and match, and uses eco-friendly materials.
Meanwhile, GRANIT was opened on the 12th as a shop-in-shop on the second floor of the 8seconds Garosu-gil branch and is also available on the SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group’s online mall SSF Shop (  
Overseas Products Department 2 Director Kim Dong-woon said, “There is a growing consumer psychology to experience Northern European lifestyles with the growth of the home furnishing market.” He added, “Through the Northern European lifestyle brand based in Sweden, we will spread unique products and cultures to gain an edge in the domestic home furnishing market.”