This Winter’s Long Puffer Jacket Trend is Gold
BEANPOLE SPORT launches with the ‘TWICE Bench Parka’

‘TWICE Bench Parka’ pictorials showing the charms of the nine members of TWICE released

Styled with unique ‘gold’ colors and ‘cocoon’ fits with a cute silhouette

It is expected that this winter will be even colder, so the popularity of long puffer jackets is forecasted to continue. In particular, products with stand-out colors and shiny materials are expected to captivate customers.
On the 21st, SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group’s ‘BEANPOLE SPORT’ announced that it launched the ‘TWICE Bench Parka’ using unique colors such as gold and shiny materials such as foil coating.
The BEANPOLE SPORT Bench Parka, which is also called ‘TWICE Down’ and ‘TWICE Bench Parka’ as TWICE wore the jackets as its brand model, added unique colors such as gold and lavender to give it a sportier and more youthful look. Furthermore, the fit was differentiated into the unisex and cocoon fit, while diversifying the length into three options so that it can be worn to fit individual styles and TPO (time, place, occasion).
The TWICE Bench Parka was launched by offering unique colors such as lavender, royal blue, red, as well as its flagship color, gold, that are unique and popular among millennials. The very-first ‘gold’ color long puffer jacket allows people to show their unique personality by simply wearing a long puffer jacket.
In addition, foil coating material was used in the outer shell of the jacket to give it a fashionable design that stands out visually. Unlike normal shiny materials, the level of reflection changes depending on the direction of light or movement to give it a classier look.
BEANPOLE SPORT launched the TWICE Bench Parka with ‘unisex fit’ suitable for both men and women, and the ‘cocoon fit’ that has a feminine and cute look that highlights a silhouette with an arch towards the lower back. Moreover, it offers three lengths such as the 102cm length for best activity as it drops down to the knees, the 108cm length perfect for daily looks as it has a good balance by dropping down below the knees, and the 120cm length that covers the calves for maximum warmth. Customers now have a bigger range of styling options with this.
Deputy department head of BEANPOLE SPORT, Won Joo-hee said, “We expect that long puffer jackets will continue to be popular this winter and that brilliant colors and shiny materials will become the trend,” while adding, “Sales of long puffer jackets have been strong thanks to the PR effects of TWICE and we think that sales will start to grow even further once the cold starts after the Chuseok holidays.”
The price of the BEANPOLE TWICE Bench Parka ranges from 299,000 won to 499,000 won and is available at BEANPOLE SPORT stores nationwide or the SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group online shopping mall SSF Shop (