Second collaboration between 8seconds and ‘TELL THE TRUTH’, a designer brand that won the sfdf award

SSF shop pre-opened on 9/17 and launched in 38 offline stores nationwide on 9/20

Offering various items including trench coats, long shirts, sweatshirts, signature pants, etc.

The global SPA brand 8seconds of the SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group announced on the 18th that it would launch its second collaboration line following the spring collaboration with the women’s casual brand ‘TELL THE TRUTH’, which won the 2017 sfdf (small sfdf) award.
The collaboration between TELL THE TRUTH and 8seconds was between Korea’s top SPA brand 8seconds and ‘TELL THE TRUTH’ (Designer Kim Sung-eun), the first winner of sfdf (small sfdf), which was established to discover young and creative Korean designers by the SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group. It was received with huge popularity achieving 85% sales rates in its first collaboration earlier this year, so the second collaboration for the fall season is receiving even more attention.
‘8seconds X TELL THE TRUTH’, launches various fall items including shirts, one-piece dresses, jackets, etc.
‘8seconds X TELL THE TRUTH’, which is the second collaboration following the first one in March, is composed of even more items than the first collaboration with over 10,000 pieces from 18 styles comprised of shirts, one-piece dresses, pants, jackets, etc.
In addition, it will launch not only trench coats with basic silhouettes, soft volume, and draping, but also items that emphasize the feminine details of TELL THE TRUTH, and other main items of TELL THE TRUTH such as long shirts, sweatshirts, and signature pants at reasonable prices (49,900 won - 149,900 won).
 News on the collaboration of 8seconds and TELL THE TRUTH is available on the official SNS channel of 8seconds and the assorted products can be checked out at the SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group’s official online mall ( or any one of the 38 major 8seconds stores nationwide.