BEANPOLE SPORT ‘transforms’ into fashion sportswear
The brand identity (BI) pursues activeness and functionality.

No more outdoor, but more functional items in the original/active line.

Active PR/marketing with hip girl group ‘Twice’ as the model.

BEANPOLE OUTDOOR has changed its name to ‘BEANPOLE SPORT’ to transform into a fashion sportswear brand focused on lifestyle.
BEANPOLE SPORT of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group announced on the 23rd that they have changed the brand identity (BI) to improve the brand image that is currently limited to ‘hiking and climbing’ to keep up with the growth of athleisure/sports market and converted the brand to functional outfits for activeness and practicality.
BEANPOLE SPORT has focused on developing products with special functions.  The ‘Original’ line has been launched anew with sporty sentiments added to BEANPOLE’s heritage.  The sports line has been fully restructured into the ‘Active’ line, which presents functional outfits pursuing sophisticated sportism with fashion.
BEANPOLE SPORT plans to expand distribution while changing its BI at the distribution hubs one by one, including the department stores, shopping malls, and road shops, according to its inclusive/expansive BI upgrade protocol.
Also, hip idol ‘Twice’ has been selected as the model to solidify the brand’s image as functional outfits pursuing activeness and practicality and to reinforce PR and marketing in Korea and abroad.
“Along with the growth of athleisure and sports market, we are planning to strengthen our business by changing the brand identity for the sustainability of brand,” said Manager Hong Joon Kang of Sports Business.  “BEANPOLE SPORT will change the BI as a lifestyle-related fashion sportswear with functionality and practicality beyond outdoor and influential models to continue to reach out to customers.”
BEANPOLE SPORT will promote a special event to provide the gift of towels printed with BEANPOLE SPORT logo and Twice bromides with purchase from the coming 23rd.