BEANPOLE’s ‘Bike We Like’ Campaign
A sustainable brand campaign related to BEANPOLE’s symbol, ‘the bike.’

100 upcycled bikes donated to ‘Jeungdo,’ an island in Jeollanam Province.

Special campaign collections including t-shirts and eco-bags to encourage participation.

The ‘bike’ on BEANPOLE’s chest will come out to the world alive.
BEANPOLE, the leading brand of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has planned an authentic CSR activity to communicate with consumers with the purpose to share its sustainable philosophy.
BEANPOLE has planned a campaign based its symbolic ‘bike’ and announced on the 7th that the ‘Bike We Like’ campaign will upcycle the bikes abandoned in the city to donate to a village on an island.
Since launching in 1989, BEANPOLE has been a reputable brand with the famous copy, “Her bike has come into my heart.” With the campaign, BEANPOLE intends to communicate with the society based on the brand image of ‘bike’ that is intuitively remembered by a majority of customers to a sustainable value.
BEANPOLE will collaborate with ‘Two-wheeled Bike of Hope,’ a social corporation that recycles bikes, to collect and upcycle the abandoned bikes in the city and donate 100 bikes to Jeungdo Island in Sinan-gun, Jeollanam Province.  A 40 km bike trip along the coastal road will be programmed to share the bikes for ‘slow travel’ of local residents and tourists.
Jeungdo Island has a bike trail, but not many tourists rent bikes there due to inconveniences.  BEANPOLE will cooperate with Shinan District Office to support maintenance and repair of bikes and new bike depots for the convenience of tourists.
BEANPOLE has also released the campaign collection line with bright primary colors and an uplifting mood based on its ‘person on a bike’ motif.  It will be sold at major BEANPOLE stores and SSF store and a portion of profits will be used to donate the bikes.
“We have programmed the ‘Bike We Like’ campaign for sustainability while authentically communicating the philosophy of our brand,” said Manager Nam Young Park of BEANPOLE.  “We are planning to make distinguished approaches to become a premium brand that earns love from customers and brings fresh inspirations to them in return.” 
Jeungdo Island is almost flat throughout and has a cluster of tourist attractions within a 8㎞ radius, so it is a great place for bike trips.  It attracts about 800,000 tourists every year as Asia’s first slow city, one of 100 tourist attractions in Korea, and a must-visit place in Korea named by CNN.