The Korean Soccer Team will wear ‘GALAXY.’
The Korean Soccer Team presented the official uniforms at the departure ceremony at Seoul Square on the 21st.

GALAXY designs ‘Pride 11,’ the uniforms for the Soccer Team, for three consecutive World Cups.

The 3-piece striped suits and the design for the Taegeuk pattern attract ‘the world’s attention.’

Many special events at Galaxy stores and SSF store until the 17th of next month.
The official uniforms for the Korean Soccer Team that will be representing Korea at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia scheduled to begin on the 14th of next month.
GALAXY, the men’s apparel brand for Samsung C&T Fashion Group, announced that the official uniforms were presented on the 21st at ‘the Korean Soccer Team’s departure ceremony’ at the Seoul Square by the Seoul City Hall.  
GALAXY has settled as a brand representing Korea by designing the official uniforms for the FIFA World Cup in 2010, 2014, and this year. GALAXY has designed the original ‘Price 11’ suit for the Korean soccer team for the team to ‘win with pride.’ All of Galaxy’s knowhow has been combined to deliver the best quality and a beautiful design as the suit is for a global event and will be representing Korea.
GALAXY has designed a 3-piece suit in royal blue accented with a symbol of Taegeuk pattern to express the pride and passion of the Korean soccer team representing Korea.
The blue not only represents Korea, but it can also enhance the masculinity of the Soccer Team’s tanned skin.
Galaxy has designed a 3-piece suit (jacket, vest, and trousers) for dignified yet flexible styling and the striped pattern looks sophisticated and young. The jackets and trousers boast slim fits to emphasize their strong builds and use lightweight, stretchy fabric for mobility.
GALAXY’s buttons and boutonniere with the Taegeuk pattern representing Korea, along with the vests in red accent color and the regimental ties, add to the dynamic character.
GALAXY has not missed out any detail. The wide-collar shirts and the brown monk strap shoes are matched for the fashion styling that goes with the global trends. Inside the jackets are the emblems of the Korea Soccer Association with each player’s name embroidered to uphold their pride as members of the national team.
“We have paid attention to quality and design so they can win proudly not only in soccer, but also in the fashion war,” said Director Ji Hee Lee of GALAXY Design Office.  “We hope that the Korean Soccer Team can stay in their best conditions in these uniforms completed with all expertise of GALAXY and bring back some remarkable results.”
Celebrating GALAXY’s selection for the Korean Soccer Team’s uniforms for three consecutive events, there will be special events at all GALAXY stores nationwide and the SSF store (, the online store for Samsung C&T Fashion Group, from the 18th of this month through the 17th of next month.

Anyone who purchases 500,000 KRW or more at GALAXY online/offline stores will be entered to win travel vouchers (4 first-place winners), GALAXY setup jackets (10 second-place winners), the Korean Soccer Team suitcases (20 third-place winners), the uniforms/balls autographed by the Korean Soccer Team (25 fourth-place winners), and 30,000 points for GALAXY membership (fifth-place winners).