BEANPOLE GOLF launches ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ Line.
The exclusive line for golf courses with ergonomic patterns and designs.

Collaborated with Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park for R&D of products supporting the best swing position.

Online/offline promotion celebrating the launching of ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL Line’ from May 4 to June 3.
BEANPOLE GOLF presents the ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line, which is exclusive for young golfers out on the golf courses who are leading the golf industry today.
BEANPOLE GOLF of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group announced on the 3rd that they launched the ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL (unique and distinguished)’ line with ergonomic patterns and innovative materials to support flawless swings on the golf courses.
The ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line’s NDL stands for ‘Nam-Dal-La,’ which is Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park’s nickname meaning ‘unique and distinguished.’
Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park is expected to become a new symbol of good luck, like the tattoo on her wrist ‘Lucete (meaning ‘shine brightly’ in Latin)’ has been her symbol.  The goddess of victory suggested the name ‘NDL’ herself. 
BEANPOLE GOLF has merchandized with Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park (KEB Hana Bank, 25) for the first time since they signed the sponsorship agreement with her and the ‘NDL’ logo has been designed separately to communicate with customers.
The ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line represents the costumes she wore when she won three times at the 2017 Season of Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in the U.S. last year and the details of the designs she wore at every match.  The designs support flawless swings with features based on various R&D outcomes.
BEANPOLE GOLF has applied an ergonomic pattern to minimize the discomfort of the shoulders and back during a swing and to hold the position from the back swing to the finish.  The outfits are made more stretchy by combining nylon and polyurethane.
Another pattern was applied for the free movement of shoulder bones with Park’s feedback and numerous testing so you can perform the best swing and the waist part has diagonal lines along the side seams.
The fabric is made more stretchy to maximize the free rotation and twisting of body and more functional for fast drying, sunscreen, and coolness to the touch.
The pants include an elastic band at the back to support the lower body and its mobility.
BEANPOLE GOLF applies variable colors and designs for young golfers.  The accent colors are blue and khaki and stripes and diagonal lines are added to the design for dynamics.  The V-shaped signature design was developed and applied on the back to symbolize a ‘bird’ that is launching from the ground or victory.
“We have done a multilateral research with Ms. Park to release the ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line to support the swings of golfers who want to mimic her famous driver shots for fewer shots overall,” said Team Manager Joong Gyoo Yoo of BEANPOLE GOLF.  “This is the best series designed exclusively for the golf courses combining ergonomic patterns and functional stretchy fabric, so it would be the best solution for the golfers who are eager to achieve higher scores.”
Celebrating the launching of ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line, BEANPOLE GOLF will offer an online and offline promotion.
For customers who purchase 500,000 KRW or more at any BEANPOLE GOLF store nationwide, the first-place winner will receive Golf Samsung VIP Gift Certificates for 1,000,000 KRW (3 winners), the second-place winners will win Sung Hyun Park’s Driver M3 (5 winners), and the third-place winners will win the ‘Sung Hyun Park NDL’ line t-shirts (10 winners).  The golf balls autographed by Sung Hyun Park will go to the fourth-place winners.  However, the winners for the first to third places are required to purchase 500,000 KRW or more and members of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group membership.