The 15th ‘Heart for Eye’ Campaign to support the surgery of vision-impaired children.

Participants include Actress Eun Chae Jung, Models Hye Jung Lee and Sung Jin Park, and Artists Se Na Goo, Soo Youn Kim, and Do Hyung Kim.

Samsung Medical Center Seoul is sponsored every year for vision-impaired children’s eye surgeries.

KUHO, the minimal contemporary brand, will continue sharing love for the vision-impaired children.
KUHO, the women’s apparel brand of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, announced on the 30th that they will promote the ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign, the donation project to give the gift of bright world for the vision-impaired children, again this year.
KUHO has been hosting the ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign to share the beauty of fashion with the vision-impaired children every year since 2006 and selling collaborative fashion items with celebrities and artists.
This year, the typography will be used for trendy designs and the characters and heart design collaboratively created with contemporary artists will bring distinct personality and life to each product.
Some of the participants include Actress Eun Chae Jung, who is representing KUHO, along with many other celebrities, models, and artists, including Model Hye Jung Lee, Musician and Model Sung Jin Park, Art Director Ji Hyun Kim and her daughter Man Ok Jang, Musician Raiden, Artists Se Na Goo, Soo Youn Kim, and Do Hyung Kim. 
Celebrating the family month of May, KUHO expanded the ‘Heart for Eye’ Campaign products to t-shirts for men, women, and kids, jumpers, knits, pants, shopper bags, and pouches to encourage participation of the entire family.

KUHO’s ‘Heart for Eye’ t-shirts are sold for 98,000 KRW, pants for 298,000 KRW~358,000 KRW, knits for 258,000 KRW~398,000 KRW, jumpers for 498,000 KRW, and shopper bags and pouches for 138,000 KRW~198,000 KRW.
The profits from the campaign will be donated to Samsung Medical Center Seoul, a partner of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, to sponsor the surgeries of vision-impaired children.  The vision-impaired children will be given surgeries for new eyes, correction of strabismus, or insertion of artificial eyes.
KUHO has also realized collaboration with CJ CGV and Sulwhasoo for the significance of campaign.  CJ CGV will apply the ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign’s heart design to the movie pass cards limited edition and Sulwhasoo will use it for some of the gifts such as eco-bags and pouches to donate a portion of profits.
“We believe that we should not only love fashion, but we should also share beauty with the world in order to be a respected brand,” said Executive Director Jung Hee Yoon, Department of Women’s Apparel Business, Samsung C&T Fashion Group.  “KUHO will promote the ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign in various perspectives to bring dreams and hope to young children.”
KUHO’s ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign merchandises will be available at KUHO stores nationwide and on Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online store, SSF (, from May 1.