Samsung C&T Fashion Group looks for designers to win the 2nd sfdf.
Applications will be received on sfdf official website now through the 16th of next month.

Winning fashion designers will win 0.1 billion KRW in reward and join the Seoul Fashion Week.

Final results will be announced in June after 3 evaluation sessions with internal experts and public participation.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group is looking for designers to win the 2nd sfdf.
Samsung C&T Fashion Group announced on the 28th that the applications for the 2nd sfdf will be received via online and mobile from 10 AM, March 5 through 5 PM, March 16.
Applications are being received on sfdf official website ( and 10 final candidates will be selected through two evaluation sessions with Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s design managers and CDs by the end of May for the final evaluation with public participation in June.
sfdf is the fashion lifestyle awards for the reward of 0.1 billion KRW and was first bestowed last year separate from SFDF since 2005.  It looks for talented and creative designers who have launched a local brand within the past 5 years.
Unlike the ordinary fashion awards where the candidates are evaluated by a small group of experts, all three evaluation sessions of sfdf will be posted online and anyone can participate in the third (final) evaluation on sfdf official website.
sfdf reflects Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s determination to discover and nurture young and talented designers in fashion and lifestyle as the leader of Korea’s fashion industry and interact more with consumers to discover brands and designers desired by the public and consumers.
The 2nd sfdf will three winning designers/teams through the final evaluation in June.  The total reward of 0.1 billion KRW has not increased since last year, but the winners can receive larger grants as the 2nd sfdf will only three winners when the 1st sfdf selected six.
The winners of 2nd sfdf will receive 50 million KRW for 1st place, 30 million KRW for 2nd place, and 20 million KRW for 3rd place.  The 1st place fashion designer will have an additional privilege to join the Seoul Fashion Week.  The collection of thisIsneverthat, the 1st place winner of the 1st sfdf , can be found at the 2018 Seoul Fashion Week coming in March.
All winners will be given opportunities to join or collaborate with the online/offline sales channels through Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s official SSF Shop and Beaker and will receive support with PR, marketing and business mentoring.
“sfdf is open to young and talented designers who are passionately active in any fashion and lifestyle designers, so we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity,” said an officer of Samsung C&T Fashion Group.  “We hope to meet many designers with original concepts, strong identity, and high potentials this year.”