‘desires’ New York.
2018 F/W season presented in Manhattan, New York on the 10th.

Oversized coats and jackets reflecting the genderless trend and tailoring techniques.

R&D of cashmere/double-weave materials with the Textile Team to improve quality and cost-effectiveness.

Seeking new buyers in Europe and America with powerful items.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s women’s apparel brand KUHO announced on the 11th that they presented the 2018 F/W season at Standard Hotel located in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan, New York at 11 AM on the 10th (local time).
KUHO has presented its collections at New York, the global fashion city, every season since the 2017 S/S season and constantly expanded references at the local department stores, including Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Lane Crawford (Hong Kong/Shanghai), and Club 21 (Singapore/Malaysia), and SSENSE, an online shop of Canada.
KUHO’s concept for the ’18 F/W season is ‘Serotonin Drawing.’  It visualizes the feel of bright sunshine drawing on people’s faces for happiness and abundance.
‘Serotonin’ is known as the ‘Happiness Hormone.’
KUHO paid attention to the volume of colors, fabric, and style to enhance abundance and stressed the chic.
Reflecting the genderless trend, it suggests the genderless ‘urban chic’ style with oversized coats and jackets designed with the tailoring techniques often found on men’s garments.
In case of coats, it uses the cashmere and double-weave materials jointly researched and developed with Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s Textile Team for quality and cost-effectiveness in the global market.
KUHO has combined the light and volumized materials in yellow, beige, and burgundy with the trendy materials of lace and spangles to add luxury.
KUHO has also released products that are strongly feminine in style. The dresses, skirts, and blouses that add depth with the oil-painted prints of flowers, coupled with the frills (wavy wrinkles along the edges), gold buttons, sparkling knitwear, and rough collars inspired by the shadows casted by sunlight, scream feminine sentiments.
KUHO has stressed that anyone can wear the energetic and chic look of the genderless style when they match chick outerwear or wool suits with a feminine frill and ruffle blouse or a sparkling spangle dress or skirt.
“Minimalism and quality, the brand identity of KUHO, are capturing the hearts of consumers in the global market,” said Manager (Executive Director) Jung Hee Yoon of the Women’s Apparel Division.  “We are planning to expand sales in the U.S. and in Europe with focus on our powerful items.”
KUHO presents showcases every season as the New York market prefers practical fashion.  Customers feel and try on the garments at the showcases to check out the details and feasibility of the garments and styles.