JUUN.J’s ‘new styling for down.’
JUUN.J’s theme for the 2018 FW Paris Collection was ‘LAPPED (overlapped).’

Attracted attention with overlap of down and woven.

Intense red and neon colors, coupled with colorful Tatan and Glen checkers.

Men’s and women’s apparel will be sold 5:5 with the launching of women’s line in 2019.
JUUN.J, a global brand of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, presented the 2018 F/W Collection at the showroom (LABORATOIRE) in Rue du Bouloi, Paris, France at 1 PM on the 19th (local time).
The concept of the 22nd Paris Collection is ‘LAPPED.’
Since its debut at the Paris Collection in 2007, JUUN.J has attempted destruction and reinterpretation of new items every season of 22 collections, focusing on ‘Reinterpretation of Classics.’  It has established a pioneering image in the meticulous fashion district of Paris.
JUUN.J has taken a new path since 2017 and the ’18 FW Collection has innovatively combined presentation with the runway, as with the '18 SS Collection. JUUN.J radically exhibited 14 super-sized image boards about 3m tall with the models to make it the trademark of JUUN.J’s collections.
“The latest trend of the world’s fashion industry is focused on experience, and JUUN.J gives pleasure by allowing us to touch and take pictures with the garments and make conversations with the designer at the same time,” said a fashion officer at the collection.
An impressive collection of various checkered patterns and bright colors
At the ‘18 FW Collection, JUUN.J mixed down and woven with two different properties and presented the LAPPED designs overlapping the two on the stage.  Down has been used to make skirts and t-shirts instead of outerwear to attract attention.
The signature trench coats of the brand have been enhanced with Glen and Tatan checkers and neon or red colors to make the collection more diverse and colorful.
More genderless style with the launching of female line in 2019
JUUN.J selected equal numbers of male and female models for the collection. A total of 16 models presented 30 garments at the collection and 8 female models walked down the runway in 15 women’s capsule collection that showed us a little bit about the new women’s collection coming in the 2019 SS season.
In 2016, JUUN.J suggested a fashion view beyond the concept of gender with ‘LESS’ and has been expected to launch women’s apparel.  The outcome will be achieved in the spring of 2019.
JUUN.J, growing to be the symbol of culture representing Korea, along with BTS
As a global brand, JUUN.J has presented innovative designs every season through the Paris Collection since 2007 and earned popularity among renowned designers and celebrities.
It has been honored by the recognition of celebrities such as Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake, Suzu Menkes, the godmother of world’s fashion sector, Karl Lagerfeld, a premium designer, along with many other fashion officers and international press.
Last December, BTS, the hot idol group representing the Korean Wave, wore JUUN.J’s jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts in the music clip of their newly released ‘MIC DROP.’  The music clip was viewed 30 million times in 5 days and global attention on JUUN.J also exploded.
JUUN.J became the second Korea designer to become a regular member of Paris Fashion Association in 2013 and the first Korean designer to be selected as the guest designer for Pitti Uomo, the world’s greatest men’s apparel fair, in 2016.  All these years, JUUN.J has settled as a global designer brand.
JUUN.J currently operates about 120 stores in nearly 30 cities, including New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong.