Sung Hyun Park continues to wear ‘Beanpole Golf’ next year. Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park renewed the sponsorship agreement with Beanpole Golf of Samsung C&T Fashion Group.
Won 1st place 7 times in Korea and 3 times in LPGA Tour with Beanpole Golf.
Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park continues to wear Beanpole Golf next year.
Beanpole Golf of Samsung C&T Fashion Group announced on the 28th that the outfit sponsorship agreement has been renewed with Pro Golfer Sung Hyun Park (KEB Hana Bank, 24) who won 1st place three times in LPGA 2017 in 39 years.
Park has entered LPGA Tour to win three times after winning seven times in Korea since she signed the outfit sponsorship agreement with Beanpole Golf in January 2016.
Beanpole Golf has been the hidden ‘helper’ for Park’s victory. The best outfit has been studied and developed through constant communication for Park to focus on the games and maximize her powerful swings.
Park wore Beanpole Golf’s red t-shirt and black pants for the final round of Canada Pacific Women’s Open last August and turned the table around to win the game.  In fact, Park confessed that she loves the red t-shirt the most at an interview.
Park won the US Women’s Open of LPGA Tour for the first time last July and wore the signature yellow t-shirt for the third round when she was able to turn it all around.  Park was dressed up in yellow for every dramatic moment in Korea.
Beanpole Golf produced the ‘shot making’ video with Park where she share her tips on powerful driver shots and shot games last March and posted it on Facebook, Youtube, and SSF Shop.
“Park has made some remarkable accomplishments in Korea and at the LPGA Tour in Beanpole Golf for great contributions to Beanpole’s brand recognizability, preference, and functionality,” said an official from Beanpole Golf.  “We hope that Park keeps up her good performance next year and we will continue to release stylish items that work for the golfers’ higher scores and attract attention on the golf course.”