PLYS’ Seung Joon Lee and REJINA PYO’s Ji Young Pyo win the 13th SFDF.
Sponsored 20 artists (Teams) for 2,900,000 USD since '05 to broaden the scope of K-Fashion.

Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF) has announced the winners of the 13th SFDF.
Samsung C&T Fashion Group announced on the 12th that PLYS’ Seung Joon Lee and REJINA PYO’s Ji Young Pyo has been selected as the winners of the 13th SFDF and their work will be exhibited at Beaker Hannam until the 20th.
SFDF is Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s major social contribution program that discovers and sponsors rising Korean fashion designers who have been recognized in the global sector.
Winners will win 100,000 USD for their creative activities and receive professional sponsorships including promotions in Korea and abroad.  Samsung C&T Fashion Group has sponsored a total of 20 artists (teams) for 2,900,000 USD through SFDF since 2005.
The 13th winner Seung Joon Lee majored in Textile and Men’s Apparel at Central St. Martin Design School in England.
Active as a fashion designer in Berlin, Lee launched in 2016 ‘PLYS,’ inspired by ‘ply,’ which refers to easy strand of textile.
PLYS is a unisex brand that presents unique knitwear, especially sweaters.  Premium yarns are used to unique colors and artistic graphic details.
Another 13th winner Ji Young Pyo studied Textile Art and Fashion Design at Hongik University and pursued her master’s study at Central St. Martins Design School in England.  She is currently active in London.
Pyo launched 'REJINA PYO', a women’s apparel brand named after herself, in 2013 and has settled her ground as a designer known for feminine yet architectural silhouettes and glamorous colors.
The oversized coat and volumized dress of REJINA PYO, who is picked one of the most attractive Korean designers at the London Fashion Week, are recognized for being unique and feminine.
“Celebrating the 13th Anniversary, SFDF has selected two designers with great potentials and unique identity,” Secretary General Joo Baek Song of SFDF.  "SFDF will continue various efforts to expand the grounds of Korea’s fashion industry in the future."