8 seconds, my8seconds campaign with GD 8 seconds, my8seconds campaign with GD
8 seconds, my8seconds campaign with GD
Popular GD line 2017 Summer Collection
released on 21st

GD’s style as is  - graphic t-shirts,
signature denim and more

‘my8seconds’ campaign with GD
Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s SPA brand, 8SECONDS’ model GD is officially launching its GD line 2017 Summer Collection on the 21st.
8SECONDS GD collection was first launched in fall of 2016 in Korea and China with explosive reception in both countries and is becoming a product that bridges K-wave fashion and 8SECONDS.
- 8SECONDS – GD Line, 2017 Summer Collection
As the muse for 8SECONDS since last fall season, GD certainly contributed in demonstrating the identity of 8SECONDS in both Korea and China through his video with addictive narration and sensual illustrations.
GD was the first to collaborate with a SPA brand in Korea and opened an opportunity for 8SECONDS to enter the Chinese market, and after its successful launching, became a sensation once again as the icon of global style.
This 8SECONDS 2017 Summer Collection is the third collection with GD, added with GD’s fashion style that represents K-fashion as well as extensive trendy elements of GD’s life style. Most inquiring by consumers and fans, GD’s person items will be exhibited as GD’s Pick Line.
8SECONDS and GD’s Summer Collection bases genderless trend with blends of items with distinct boundary of time and space and displays a new fashion trend where contemporary look and street casual mood added with powerful graphics and sporty details.
Representative items include t-shirts with deconstruction details and GD signature denim items as well as casual gowns and short pants, inspired from pajama wear, and other styles worn by GD.