Designers Goen Jong
and Jiyeon Jung win the 12th SFDF.
Samsung C&T Fashion Group has sponsored 2,900,000 USD to 20 designers since ’05.
Samsung C&T Fashion Group has sponsored 2,900,000 USD to 20 designers since ’05.

SFDF scholarships for nine design students including those attending SADI and Parsons.

K-Fashion advanced by discovering and sponsoring new designers each year.  
The 12th winners of Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF), the major social contribution activity of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, were designers Goen Jong and Jiyeon Jung.  The winners’ garments will be exhibited for a week from the 21st to the 27th at BEAKER Cheongdam at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
Samsung C&T Fashion Group has operated SFDF since 2005 to discover and sponsor new Korean fashion designers who are recognized in the global stage for the international reputation of Korean fashion 2005.  Winners receive 100,000 USD for scholarships for their design activities along with substantial professional sponsorships including local and international promotion.  
Celebrating the 12th anniversary, SFDF has sponsored a total of 2,900,000 USD to 20 teams of designers (excluding redundant winners), including this year’s winners.  It has sponsored young talented designers, including Wook Joon Jung, Doori Jung, Chul Yong Choi, Hye In Suh·Jin Ho Lee, Yoo Don Choi, Han Hee Gye, and Jong Woo Park, to bridge their growth into world-class designers.

Designer Goen Jong, one of the winners of the 12th SFDF, launched Goen.J, a women’s apparel brand, in 2012 in Seoul.  Her designs are globally recognized, especially in the U.S. and Europe, with delicate femininity expressed through architectural patterns.  ‘Goen.J‘ is currently available at Selfridges in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, along with Net-a-Porter, an online store, and stores.

Another winner, Designer Jiyeon Jung, is a rising designer representing Korea with Recto, a women’s apparel brand launched in the 2015 Spring·Summer Season. It is beloved by many female consumers in Korea and abroad with neutral and comfortable designs in the gray area between men’s and women’s apparel.  ‘Recto’ is currently not widely known internationally, but it is valued as a brand with high potentials to spread Korea’s fashion DNA to the global fashion market.  

Also, SFDF has awarded since 2012 the SFDF Scholarships to the students of globally recognized fashion schools, including Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI) in Seoul, Parsons in New York, and Central Saint Martin in London.  This year, nine students have been selected, and they were Hye Rim Lee and Joon Il Ha from SADI, Ga Ram Jang, Kate Vartan, and Robert Wallace from Central Saint Martin, and Soon Ho Hong, Cecilia Chang, Jeremyn Lee, and Olivia LeBlanc from Parsons.  
“Samsung C&T Fashion Group plants and waters potential seeds in the quality soil of Korea through SFDF to constantly discover and sponsor young, talented designers to pioneer the globalization of K-Fashion,” says an official from SFDF Bureau.  “In the future, we will expand opportunities for local designers if they show enough potential to grow into global brands to fulfill the objectives of SFDF.”