Samsung C&T Going Global with KUHO, its Women’s Clothing line KUHO going to global fashion city, New York, and marketing to major buyers
KUHO going to global fashion city, New York, and marketing to major buyers

Plans to strike with products of minimalism sentiment and contemporary collection

Starting with New York, ‘short steps’ to European, Hong Kong and Chinese markets
“It is impressive that they started in the 1950’s (Cheil Industries fabric business) with materials business. I am sure they will have positive results in New York considering the quality of materials, price competitiveness and minimal designs.”
Neiman Marcus, Department Store Fashion Director
KUHO, Korea’s representative women’s clothing brand, commenced its global business starting with New York.
KUHO, women’s clothing by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, selected New York, one of 4 fashion cities in the world, as its outpost for its global business.
Coining the term ‘KUHO style (Korean style minimalism)’, KUHO built up a premium brand image in Korea. It is determined to let known the distinction of Korean fashion with its designs and products in New York.
KUHO already is no. 1 in expansion ratio and efficiency per pyeong(3.3m2) in domestic department stores. It is the no. 1 brand in women’s character zones in major department stores in Korea.
Last 14th (local time), KUHO gave a launching presentation on its 2017 SS products in Soho, the street of fashion and art in New York.
For the event, over 300 distinguished guests came including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Joyce, Bon Marche from France, Harvey Nichols from England, Holt Renfrew from Canada, Lane Crawford from Hong Kong and other buyers and fashion directors from major department stores around the world as well as former CNN news anchor Alina Cho and other journalist.
After the launching presentation, KUHO plans to run the showroom in the New York office of Samsung C&T Fashion Group and introduce KUHO to the world fashion markets by inviting buyers and the press.
Centering on the products that reinterpreted minimalism with modern sentiment, KUHO issued a challenge against the US contemporary style.
For the 2017 SS, design points, inspired from the circus that was with the history of humanity, of tents, clowns and balloons were applied to each item.
 Also, KUHO newly presented its ‘Carry Over’ line composed H Silhouette Coat, its ‘signature item’ in Korea, ‘Edit Line’, a new concept suit, Comfy shoes and other minimalist season-less power items. Based on moderate lines and structural silhouette, KUHO’s ‘Carry Over’ line offered coats, pants and dresses with competitive prices.
Moreover, the ‘Collection Line’ of oversize trench coat, wide pants and waist dress, and stripe shirt dress that brilliantly retained designer’s sentiment.
KUHO maintained its own unique silhouette using various dot and stripe prints and presented modern and trendy silhouette with sporty designs and quality materials.
Furthermore, KUHO developed global standard size system through foreign model fitting studies. For example, as for outerwear, shoulder width and sleeve openings were reduced, sleeve length and total length and pants were extended from Korean body type to make optimal silhouette for North American and European women.
KUHO’s Edit line drifts from the plain jackets, skirts and pants and targets young career women seeking new suits. It is composed of formal attire including sleeveless dress in H line and minimal design, double-breasted jacket and tailored long coat.
KUHO emphasizes its unique minimalism and structural silhouette and retains young sentiment. It employed jersey fabric and four-way stretching materials to maximize comfort, applied stripe lining and contrasting color buttons to enhance design details and increased practicality by adding water repellent and anti-contamination functions.
Comfy shoes are a new shoes item by KUHO. Increasing by 133% as of late August 2016 compared to the year before, the item brought a new sensation to women’s shoes market. Making leading sales for KUHO, Comfy shoes’ minimal style, sportism and functions are loved by our female consumers.

Working together with the New Materials R&D team of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, a new mold was developed with strengthened designs and functions to prevent cold feet, enhance cushion and lighter weight. Over 5,000 pairs are already sold in 2016 causing supply shortage.
Starting with New York, KUHO plans to enter major department stores in the US and expand its business to online and offline stores in China, Hong Kong and various parts of Europe. Already KUHO is diversifying its distribution channels with the New York office and efforting to utilize its subsidiary that already built sales, marketing and distribution networks with local fashion brands for soft landing its global business.
Jeonghee Yoon, Women’s Clothing Director of Samsung C&T Fashion Group said, “I think KUHO’s first global presentation being introduced on CFDA’s official schedule and informing a Korean brand to enter the global fashion market is a significant first step in our history of fashion. We will do our best to have our minimalism concept to be recognized in the lifestyle trend New York market. And, starting with New York, we plan to accelerate our global market entry to Europe, China and Hong Kong.”
Since its brand launching in 2003, KUHO has grown rapidly. It expanded by 33% this year compared to the previous year and its sales is expected to reach 100 billion won in 2016.
Through global business expansion, KUHO plans to increase its sales to 200 billion won by 2020 and become a global women’s clothing brand.