8 Seconds Enters the Continent with G-Dragon 8 Seconds Samsung C&T Fashion Group selected GD as its model
8 Seconds Samsung C&T Fashion Group selected GD as its model

Released collaboration line GD participated in design

Developed and applied dragon-design logo and embroidery and tattoo phrases
8 Seconds, SPA brand of Samsung C&T Fashion Group came together with G-Dragon of Bing Bang, the trend leader leading K-wave. On the 8th, 8 Seconds signed a 1-year modelling contract with G-Dragon of Big Bang (Ji-yong Kwon, 29) and disclosed that they will be showing a collaboration line retaining GD’s sensation, 8 X G-Dragon line and 8 X GD’s Pick line.
G-Dragon is the Korean-Chinese model for 8 Seconds for 2016 FW Chinese market and, for the first time, will partake in design collaboration with a domestic fashion brand. For this, G-Dragon had a number of meetings with 8 Seconds’ designers and MDs, discussing development of new line products and designs.
Especially, there is a rumor that G-Dragon himself participated and recommended designs for this collaboration including the dragon-design, Sukajan (zip up jacket with intense embroidery), destroyed jeans (torn jeans) and MA1 jumper (flight jacket).
With regard to collaboration with 8 Seconds, G-Dragon said, “I am looking forward to release a collaboration line with 8 Seconds, one of representative K-fashion brands. I am releasing two product lines of the styles of my liking. I hope for your interest and love.”
Changgeun Jeong, the product managing director of 8 Seconds said, “8 Seconds will be entering the Chinese market for fall 2016. We determined that G-Dragon was the right person to promptly increase brand awareness in China and establish the refreshing image of the brand for the Chinese consumers. G-Dragon is the icon of K-Culture and K-Style and highly talented not only in music but fashion. We are anticipating synergy effect by blending the 8 Seconds with G-Dragon’s fashion and style.”
8 X G-Dragon and 8 X GD’s Pick are the two collaboration lines by G-Dragon and 8 Seconds. They candidly express the sensation of G-Dragon as an artist.
What’s more, G-Dragon’s collaboration products will reflect the new global trend of genderless and will be for both men and women.
The 8 X G-Dragon line is the original collaboration line that grasps the unique sensation and idea of G-Dragon. It is mainly a collection of Sukajan jumpers, double-breasted suits, GD-printed T-shirts, chain bracelets and other items designed by G-Dragon. They also are adorned with dragon logos and tattoo patterns.
Both on Aug. 18, 1988, it is widely known that G-Dragon is quite fond of the number ‘8’, and it is said that he especially enjoyed this collaboration with 8 Seconds. In this collaboration, ‘880818’, the digits symbolizing G-Dragon, were incorporated in the designs.
The 8 X GD’s Pick line suggests daily styling with a variety of variations of items often worn and enjoyed by G-Dragon. Its main items include graphic man-to-man, hoodies, destroyed denim and canvas bags that can be coordinated with the 8 X G-Dragon line.
Nara Kim, the R&D team leader of 8 Seconds said, “Because 8 Seconds is launching products designed and styled by G-Dragon, our design team worked very hard to organize the line. We, especially, focused to incorporate G-Dragon’s style into design elements by printing the ‘Dragon’ logo on t-shirts and hats, tattoo phrases on jumpers and dragon-design embroidery on Sukajan.” In addition, the collaboration items include bracelets, necklace and other accessories as well as lace-up shoes to expand the options for the consumers.      
The collaboration items of 8 Seconds and G-Dragon will be sold in major 8 Seconds store in Garosu-gil, Gangnam, Myeongdong and Time Square starting on 12 Aug.
They are also purchasable from the SSF shop of Samsung C&T Fashion Group online shop at, also on 12 Aug.
Moreover, 8 Seconds is planning to share pictorials and videos that you to peek into G-Dragon’s styling on the 8 Seconds website and its Facebook and Instagram accounts.
8 Seconds will be giving out gifts for all purchasing customers. Customer purchasing over KRW 80,000 in offline shops will be offered a G-Dragon poster and, as an Early Birth promotion, limited edition mini photobook will be given to the first 3,000 customers purchasing at the SSF shop.