Forbes selects
Korean uniforms for the Rio Olympics for the best design.
Korean uniforms named in ‘Best 5,’ highly complimented for moth-proofing and the combination of blazers, pants.
Korean uniforms named in ‘Best 5,’ highly complimented for moth-proofing and the combination of blazers–pants.

Named ‘best’ for the ’16 Rio Olympics after the ’12 London Olympics.

BEANPOLE goes neck and neck with other leading brands.
Forbes, an America’s economics magazine, has recently picked the ‘best style uniforms’ for the 2016 Rio Olympics and Canada (DSQUARED), England (Stella McCartney), Sweden (H&M), USA (Ralph Lauren), and Korea (BEANPOLE) have made to the Top 5.  
The uniforms for the Korean team were also named one of the best uniforms by TIME for the 2012 London Olympics.  
Forbes particularly acknowledged the Korean uniforms because of its moth-proofing design to prevent viral infections.  It also pointed out that the combination of a navy blazer and white pants is aesthetically beautiful.  
Korean uniforms were designed by BEANPOLE of SAMSUNG C&T Fashion Group for the Rio Olympics as the London Olympics.  
BEANPOLE was inspired by Hanbok (Korean traditional costumes) with a subtle glamour and delicate beauty and focused on the harmony of straight and curved lines and the definition and silhouette when worn.
Hanbok’s Dongjeong (a piece of white cloth attached to the collar), which symbolizes the pride of Korea, was added as a white accent along the front line of the blazers.
The pants have applied the comfortable tapered silhouette (narrowing towards the bottom) with a turn-up (folded at the bottom) for a sophisticated and neat image.  
BEANPOLE has pursued a modern style with a navy blazer and white pants and chosen a linen jersey t-shirt in sky blue considering the local climate and activity of players.
There also are matching accessories in the combination blue and red inspired by the Taegeuk mark.  They include knitted ties for men and knotted scarves in yellow, green, blue, and red for women.  The hats, belts, and loafers also applied the four-color design in various combinations.  
The linen jacket t-shirt is BEANPOLE’s greatest masterpiece as it is made wrinkle-free and machine-washable considering the local climate, while the contaminant-repellent ‘Nano pants’ have improved the functionality for the players to maintain their best conditions.  All of the uniforms have applied moth-proof materials because of Zika virus active in Brazil.  
On top of that, there is a knotted brooch that combines yellow and green symbolizing Brazil with Korea’s blue and red to wear on the flower pocket on the right chest.  It represents harmony and balance with the host country.
“The national team’s uniforms for the Rio Olympics has been voted best for the second time after the London Olympics to go neck and neck with other global brands,” said Design Director Soo Jung Kim of BEANPOLE.  “We will win the attention at this global festival not only with exceptional skills, but also with fashion.”