BEANPOLE presents
the official uniforms for
the ’16 Rio Olympics
BEANPOLE and NORTH FACE, the official sponsors, hold ‘demonstration of national team uniforms and equipment.’
BEANPOLE designs and tailors the national team’s official uniforms once again after the ’12 London Olympics.

Inspired by Hanbok, the uniforms emphasize the Korean beauty with straight and curved lines and 3-dimensional silhouettes.

Encouragement messages will be collected and embroidered on the lining inside the jackets.

Korean Olympic Committee announced at Taereung Training Center in Gongneung-dong Nowon-gu, Seoul on the 27th that they hosted the ‘demonstration of national team’s uniforms and equipment’ to present the official uniforms of the Korean team participating in the 2015 Rio Olympics that will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the coming August 5th through 21st.
The designs of the Korean team’s official suits and training uniforms were first presented at the demonstration of national team’s uniforms and equipment’ hosted by Korean Olympic Committee and sponsored by BEANPOLE and NORTH FACE of Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group. BEANPOLE presented the official suits to be worn by the Korean team at the opening and closing ceremonies and NORTH FACE presented the training uniforms, awarding uniforms, and official equipment to be worn throughout the Olympics.  
BEANPOLE has designed the official suits of the Korean team once again after the 2012 London Olympics.  BEANPOLE has been selected for the Olympic uniforms again as a leading brand of Korea.  Many had looked forward to seeing the new uniforms as the 2012 uniforms were voted the best uniforms by the ‘Times.’
The Olympics is a global festival and an opportunity for a national fashion brand to present the official uniforms for the national team to win the attention before the main event and promote the nation.
It is a great sight to see for the world as many of the leading fashion brands represent their nations for a global fashion competition. Some of them include Giorgio Armani (Italy), Ralph Lauren (USA), Lacoste (France), Stella McCartney (U.K), and DSQUARED (Canada).
BEANPOLE has inspired by Hanbok with subtle glamour and delicate beauty to focus on the harmony of straight and curved lines and the 3-dimensional silhouettes when worn.  The front of the jacket has a white strip to represent Dongjeong (a piece of white cloth attached to the collar of Hanbok top) of Hanbok, which symbolizes the pride of Korea.
The pants have applied the tapered silhouette (narrower to the bottom) for comfort with a turn-up (folded at the bottom seam) for a sophisticated and neat image.  
BEANPOLE pursued a modern style with navy jackets and white pants and matched them with linen jersey t-shirts in sky blue considering the local climate and comfort.  
The accessories combined blue and red to represent the Taegeuk mark of Korea.  Men will wear knitted ties, while women will wear four-colored knotted scarves with yellow, green, blue, and red.  The four-colored scheme will also be applied to the hats, belts, and loafers.
The linen jackets and t-shirts, which are BEANPOLE’s greatest masterpieces, are wrinkle-resistant and can be machine-washed considering the local climate.  Combined with the high-performance ‘Nano-treated pants’ designed to resist contamination, they will help the athletes stay at their best condition.  
All of the pieces used mothproofing materials to reduce the risk of Zika Virus in Brazil.
The knotted brooch combining the yellow and green of Brazil and the blue and red of Korea will be worn on the top left pocket of the uniforms for harmony and balance with the host nation.  
“We have put extra effort into representing the aesthetics and colors of Korea in the Olympics, which is a global event,” said Soo Jung Kim, the design director of BEANPOLE.  “Our focus was to mix the authenticity of Korea and the dynamics of Korean team to a classical design that is most Korean and completes order and balance.”  
BEANPOLE will also post an SNS event at the beginning of May to collect the Korean people’s encouragement messages for the Korean team and carefully embroider them on the Taegeuk-patterned lining for the back side of the jacket.