Samsung C&T Debuts Its Wearables at CES 2016
Las Vegas, USA – January 6, 2016 – Samsung C&T Fashion Division (formerly Cheil Industries) takes part in CES 2016, the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow.
At CES 2016, Samsung C&T’s exhibition booth is located inside the exhibition hall of Samsung Electronics Co., one of the most attention-getting exhibitors at CES, and it unveils its fashion-led wearables and applications.
In September 2015, Samsung C&T first introduced its platform brand for wearables ‘the humanfit’ at IFA 2015, Europe’s biggest tech show. As the worldwide attention to the convergence of fashion and technology is rapidly increasing, Samsung C&T aims at leading the fashion industry with its fashion-led wearables.
At CES 2016, Samsung C&T shows off eight wearables which integrate fashion design and technology in form of clothing and accessories: ‘Sol Bag’, ‘NFC platform for Smart Suit, Smart Swing (golf wear), Smart Acc.’, ‘Body Compass 2.0’ and ‘Welt(Smart Belt)’.
‘Sol Bag’ is a women’s clutch bag which is designed to use hexagon-shaped solar panels to charge a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or a portable battery charger. This environment-friendly clutch bag takes about 4 hours to fully charge a smartphone in daylight.
‘NFC platform for Smart Suit, Smart Swing (golf wear), Smart Acc’ offers customized services by utilizing the linkage between a NFC tag, embedded in a button, patch or tag, and a mobile application.
‘Smart Suit’ is a suit line of ‘Rogatis’, Samsung C&T’s representative menswear brand, which was first introduced in fall 2013. ‘Smart Suit’ has a NFC tag embedded in a sleeve button. Its exclusive mobile app works as a platform application and features various useful functions, depending on the user’s customized settings; it could automatically connect to the proper mode (office mode, business meeting mode or driving mode), open up the user’s designated app or transmit the user’s e-business card to the other’s smartphone.  
‘Body Compass 2.0’ and ‘Welt(Smart Belt)’ are fitness wearables that Samsung C&T and Samsung Electronics are collaborating in conducting an advance development and research.
‘Body Compass 2.0’ on display at CES 2016 is upgraded from the previous version which was unveiled at IFA 2015. It is a bio-smart shirt, equipped with ECG (electrocardiogram) and EMG (electromyogram) sensors which track the user’s heart rate. The user could check customized exercises in consideration of his/her health status on mobile application. Its comfortable fit and durability are substantially enhanced as it’s made of fabric sensors and elastic conductive fibers.
‘Welt’ is a smart belt for businessmen, which automatically measures the user’s waist size and analyzes daily activity data in order to prevent negative health habits such as lack of walking exercise, overeating and so on.
A representative of Samsung C&T stated “as the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow, CES 2016 is a great opportunity to promote Samsung C&T Fashion Division,” and “with its corporate slogan ‘We Design Fashionology for Life’, Samsung C&T Fashion Division will continue to launch new fashion-led wearables and to provide values to enrich people’s lifestyles with the convergence of fashion and technology.”