Beanpole Outdoor unveiling
its collaboration with Juun.J
Exquisite tailoring joining urban outdoor style to produce creative designs
Exquisite tailoring joining urban outdoor style to produce creative designs

New emblem created featuring a rose and compass, Beanpole Outdoor’s motif

Must-have items released for the summer including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and military-style drawstring parka  

Urban outdoor and Juun.J, a master of exquisite tailoring, are joining forces this summer.
On June 16, Cheil Industries’ Beanpole Outdoor announced that it would expand its business beyond Korea to foray into China with differentiated outdoor designs based on its collaboration with Juun.J, a well-known global menswear brand.
Through this collaboration, Beanpole Outdoor and Juun.J are now releasing must-have items for the summer including t-shits, sweatshirts, hoodies and a military-style drawstring parka. Utilizing his strengths in volume, cuts and tone-on-tone patterns, Juun.J offers designs that are rarely seen in conventional outdoor clothing. Conceptualizing a rose, a popular summer flower, the collaboration completed the line by applying Juun.J’s exquisite use of patterns, colors and silhouettes to Beanpole Outdoor’s motif, which is a compass.
For this special line of T-shirts and hoodies an entirely new emblem was created using a compass, roses and vines. The design breathes life into what could have been perceived as simple items by accentuating them with point colors like red, green and pink.
Cut lines were added to the backs of T-shirts and the front of hoodies, and an oversized silhouette was also adopted, which is rare in conventional outdoor clothing, to present a more stylish appearance.
Ahn Sung-il, Chief Designer of Cheil Industries’ Juun.J, said, “We started this collaboration to differentiated designs which cannot be experienced in outdoor clothing by grafting Juun.J’s aesthetics onto Beanpole Outdoor. The collaboration will be a dark horse in global markets such as China, not to mention in Korea whose urban outdoor market is growing”.
Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun has been making headlines by wearing the collaborative works of Beanpole Outdoor and Juun.J in ‘The Producers’, a popular TV drama currently being aired on KBS Channel 2 in which Kim plays the role of a variety show producer.