Beanpole Outdoor
brings fashion to the outdoors
Introducing fashionable items with eye-catching colors and sharp silhouettes for happy campnickers
Introducing fashionable items with eye-catching colors and sharp silhouettes for happy campnickers

Headlined with a lightweight windbreaker made of Supplex® that looks good and fits well

50 trekking and walking shoes released with better moisture absorption and fit 

As a leader in urban outdoor fashion, Beanpole Outdoor is busy once again bringing fashion to the outdoors.
Responding to the increasing popularity of picnicking and camping, Cheil Industries’ Beanpole Outdoor introduced its 2015 spring/summer outdoor styles on January 25 to cater to those pursuing an urban outdoor lifestyle.
Beanpole Outdoor offers outdoor styles that also work perfectly as daily attire. While improving fashion features such as colors and silhouette, Beanpole Outdoor has released a variety of items that can be worn at a casual “campnic.”
In particular, the company presented products having both colorful designs and functional features as well as total coordination that matches chinos, sweatshirts and t-shirts with jackets. This year, Beanpole Outdoor will solidify its brand identity by raising its proportion of lifestyle items to 60% of its total production.
For this season, the company has further upgraded its lightweight windbreaker made of Supplex®. In brief, it is a jacket that looks good and fits well. Its surface feels soft as cotton but is quite tough and highly resistant to abrasion, so no tears or holes will form when snagged on a thorny bush or when falling on the ground. The jacket’s interior is particularly soft to touch making it a perfect item for casual picnics or mountain hiking.    
Also, its back is made of breathable mesh fabric to wick perspiration away when worn for hours as the back is where heat and sweat is generated most.
In addition, the jacket is wrinkle-free, dirt-resistant and easy to handle and store as it does not change or shrink after washing. As the jacket will last for years it is priced affordably at KRW168,000.
A lightweight windbreaker is a must-have item when the spring wind blows. Beanpole Outdoor has enhanced the comfort of this windbreaker by using stretch fabric, and the mesh fabric used at the armholes helps to wick perspiration away to keep the jacket fresh without any stickiness from sweating. A packable pocket is also provided so that the jacket can be easily stored away when it gets warm. It is priced at KRW168,000.
Together with the jacket, the company released no fewer than 50 trekking and walking shoes that are comfortable to wear for hours to protect the feet, which are the “second heart.” Any of them can be casually worn everyday as well as at fun picnics and outings. 
Moisture permeability, a weakness of conventional shoes made of Gore-Tex®, has been particularly improved so that sweat can be wicked away through the sole. Also, these shoes eschew unnecessary design frills for better fit and feature strengthened cushions and odor-resistance. The Boa Dial allows easy opening and closing, thereby enhancing convenience.
Yoon-hyung Ghee, Chief Designer at Beanpole Outdoor, said, “Since the launch of the brand, Beanpole Outdoor has always strived to differentiate itself and explored the area of urban outdoor. It will strengthen its brand identity by breaking the conventional paradigm of outdoor clothing and introducing concepts of fashion and convenience.”