2015 FW Paris Collection. Parisians Captivated by Juun.J
Cheil Industries’ Juun.J held F/W Paris Collection 2015 on the 23rd (local time)
Cheil Industries’ Juun.J held F/W Paris Collection 2015 on the 23rd (local time)

Showcased signature modern and chic military looks through new design interpretation

Collaboration with Adidas from last season continues to draw attention  
Korea’s representative fashion designer Jeong Uk-jun once again made an appearance in Paris as a leader of K-Fashion.
Cheil Industry’s menswear brand Juun.J announced on the 25th that it had shown its fall/winter Paris Collection 2015 on the 23rd (local time) at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
Held for the 16th time, the Juun.J F/W Paris Collection 2015 showcased 38 pieces of clothing that Jeong Uk-jun had designed with utmost dedication. In addition, his collaboration with the global sports brand Adidas caught the eyes of participants from across the world.
This runway show attracted around 600 attendants, who were buyers as well as fashion and media insiders. The crowd included not only the famous fashion bloggers Susie Lau and Scott Schuman, but also popular fashion editor Joerg Koch and stylist Klaus Stockhausen.  
The theme of this year’s collection was “Khaki, the new black.” Based on the elaborate tailoring and classic style of Juun.J, this collection introduces modern and chic military looks together with a new interpretation of “military.” The word khaki is derived from the Persian word khak, which means dust. Behind the military looks were the face of a young girl and an image of a dove symbolizing peace, both of which were added as an element of twist.

During the 11-minute show, Juun.J pulled down the walls that divide genders to display innovative crossover fashion items. At the same time, this collection showcased Juun.J’s creative tailoring techniques for building structural silhouettes.
In addition to his unique color matches of khaki & black, khaki & navy, and khaki & white centering on bomber jackets and trench coats, which are Juun.J’s signature items, this collection also showcased a “New Military Look” by mixing and matching cargo pants, pea coats and padded jackets.
In particular, this collection showed dreamlike and unique graphic works developed through collaboration with Paolo Pedroni of Italy who has been very active lately as a digital artist and interior designer.
“I was impressed with the element of twist, which was delivered by the collaboration between Juun.J’ with its tailoring technique and Paolo Pedroni’s dreamlike characters,” said Richard Haines, a fashion artist who attended the collection. “It would be no exaggeration to say that Juun.J, who gives positive inspirations through new attempts each season, is the leader of K-fashion.”
Following the success of his Spring/Summer Collection 2014 held last year, Juun.J again collaborated with the global sports brand Adidas.
Reinterpreting Adidas’ symbolic model ZX8000 with its differentiated design concept, Juun.J lifted up the beautiful and classical feeling of the collection to a new peak. By adding a Velcro® belt, both ends of the shoestrings were emphasized. In addition, a golden bar was inserted for added torsion to function as a shock absorber for the shoes.
As models walked down the runway, the gold tone was visible from under the bottom of shoes. This created an iconic silhouette with a touch of luxurious sportiness. This product will be released not only in male but also female styles and will be placed on sale in July through shops across the world and an online mall opened exclusively for Juun.J’s collaboration with Adidas.
“Customers showed enthusiasm for our collaborative works with Juun.J, which were released limitedly in Adidas stores across the world last season. So we decided to collaborate with Juun.J again this season,” said Adidas’ Global Marketing VP Peter Martin. “For S/S 2015, we carried men’s products only. But for F/W 2015, we will release both male and female items in order to meet the needs of customers the world over.”
“This collection began with a new interpretation of military looks, which is coexistence of classic and twist. We recreated a military look in the field jacket, one of the fashion leaders’ most sought-after items,” said Juun.J designer Jeong Uk-jun. “We will keep our lead in the global market by creating never-before-seen unique looks.”