10th Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF)
winners announced
Designer Kye Han-hee and Park Jong-woo
winners of the 10th SFDF
10th SFDF leading globalization of K-Fashion by sponsoring young designers
November 25—Cheil Industries announced that designer Kye Han-hee (KYE, New York) and Park Jong-woo (99%IS-, Tokyo) were selected as winners of the 10th Samsung Fashion & Design Fund (SFDF). 
SFDF is a support program for fashion designers that Cheil Industries has been sponsoring since 2005 to spot and support fashion designers of Korean descent whose potential is recognized globally and elevates the image of Korean fashion. SFDF winners will receive $100,000 to support their design and creative activities as well as practical and professional support including access to Cheil Industries’ vast network of resources and manpower for domestic and overseas PR.

The SFDF, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, has so far provided $2.5 million for 17 teams (excluding duplicate winners) of designers, and supported young talented designers like Chung Wook-joon, Doori Chung, Steve J & Yoni P, Choi Yoo-don and Choi Cheol-yong. It is said to have laid the foundation for their growth into world-class designers.
Steven Kolb, one of the SFDF judges and CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) said, “I chose designer Kye Han-hee and Park Jong-woo as winners of the 10th SFDF because they are young designers who are attracting popular attention in fashion cities like New York and Tokyo as well as in Seoul for their unique and creative clothes.”
Designer Kye Han-hee designs men’s and ladies’ wear. After completing a successful appearance at London Fashion Week she is now participating in New York Fashion Week where she is distinguishing herself by selling her line of apparel in global multi-shops. Designer Park Jong-woo is attracting the attention of the fashion industry with his ‘99%IS-‘ brand that was initially launched in Tokyo and is now being wooed by global fashion brands and stars.
SFDF also provides special scholarships to students enrolled in leading fashion institutes such as SADI, a globally recognized fashion school in Seoul, Parsons in New York and Central Saint Martins in London. SFDF launched this scholarship in 2012 to provide not only young designers of Korean descent with an opportunity to realize their dream but also talented fashion students from around the world.
This year a total of 9 promising students received the SFDF scholarship, including SADI’s Kim Jeong-seo and Eom Se-yeong, Central Saint Martins’ Kim Han, Joshua Beatty and Paul Thompson and Parsons’ Sarah Song and Kim Seong-ho.
“For the past 10 years, SFDF has selected and supported talented young Korean designers from all over the world who are struggling to become great designers. Some of them were supported up to 3 times consecutively when necessary to help them establish themselves in the global fashion market where the entry barrier is high and competition intense,” said Song Joo-baek, secretary general of SFDF. “SFDF will expand the scope of the awards and support to identify talented young designers who will lead the global fashion market of the future, and continue to become their sponsor and partner so that Korean designers and K-Fashion will become more influential around the world.”
*  List of designers who won the SFDF prize two or more times
– Chung Wook-joon (3-time winner 2009/2010/2011), Doori Chung (2-time winner 2006/2007), Park Go-eun (2-time winner 2006/2007), Steve J & Yoni P (2-time winner 2007/2008), Choi Cheol-yong (2-time winner 2012/2013), and Choi Yoo-don (3-time winner 2012/2013/2014)

- Introducing designers Kye Han-hee and Park Jong-woo, winners of the 10th SFDF

The 10th SFDF winners, designers Kye Han-hee and Park Jong-woo, were highly rated by the judges as they showcased their collection in fashion cities such as New York and Tokyo, and displayed a high potential to become global designers. They, as young designers, are proposing clothing that strikes a balance between creativity and marketability. 
Kye Han-hee: A young designer who has been well received in New York, Seoul and London for her designs that interpret social messages with wit
Kye Han-hee (brand: KYE) earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Central Saint Martins in London and soon after launched her own brand ‘KYE’ at the 2011 F/W London Fashion Week. Then, at the 2012 S/S London Fashion Week, she was named the “one to watch” and won the Rookie of the Year Award. Since the 2013 S/S season she has been attracting attention at both Seoul Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week with her unique designs emphasizing humor and joy.

Kye Han-hee is known for imprinting social issues into her designs to deliver messages to the general public. For the 2015 SS Collection, which ended successfully, she incorporated playful motifs of bees and beehives into her designs to help spread awareness of the phenomenon of collapsing bee colonies in North America that, if not checked, could threaten life on Earth. She was also rated highly for her ability to appeal to the sensibilities of contemporary youth. And as it was revealed that top K-Fashion stars like 2NE1, EXO and Big Bang like her brand, she is attracting worldwide attention, and as her clothes are now sold in major multi-shops of the world, including Opening Ceremony and Harvey Nichols, her star quality and the marketability of her designs have been proven.

Park Jong-woo: A notable young designer in Tokyo favorably reviewed for his trend-setting designs inspired by funk rock
Park Jong-woo (brand:99%IS-), popularly known as ‘BAJOWOO’ abroad, entered the Dressmaker Academy in Tokyo in 2010 where he completed the four-year professional designer course and created his own brand. He graduated this past spring. As a student in 2012, he launched his own brand ‘99%IS-’ as part of the Tokyo Collection, and is drawing the attention of the global fashion industry as well as the Japanese fashion industry with his loud clothes based on funk rock.

He is particularly known for his ability to combine studs, zippers and leather—classic elements of funk culture—with his own handiwork to a new style that goes beyond conventional funk fashion. He is now receiving collaboration proposals from global fashion brands like Comme Des Garçons and Dover Street Market. As world-class artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are buying and wearing his clothes his potential as a global fashion brand is widely recognized.