Beanpole’s Kim Soo-hyun
duck down jacket,
“warms even the heart”
Beanpole Outdoor unveils
Kim Soo-hyun’s movie-like commercial
A poignant love story shot in New Zealand
A commercial with a movie-like feel starring Hallyu star Kim Soo-hyun has been released.
On the 17th, Cheil Industries’ Beanpole Outdoor released a commercial for its ‘Dove Down’ line of winter jackets through its official YouTube channel (/beanpoleblog) and Instagram (@beanpole_outdoor).
With a pre-released teaser video already drawing attention with the beautiful images it contains, this commercial, which consists of four parts, was produced with the emotional concept that Beanpole Outdoor’s ‘Dove Down’ not only blocks out the cold wind of winter, but “even warms the heart.” Kim Soo-hyun, who plays the role of a man missing a bygone love, poignantly depicts the four emotions associated with waiting, parting, reminiscing and starting anew.
The beautiful snowy fields of New Zealand and Kim Soo-hyun’s great performance and mellow voice accentuate the vivid colors of the Dove Down jacket all the more to the sensation of a full-scale movie.
For this season Beanpole Outdoor has upgraded its popular Dove Down “power item” with improved features and more colors. Indeed, this jacket has proven to be one of Beanpole Outdoor’s most successful products by selling out each year since first being launched in 2012 with sales totaling about 70,000.
With its characteristic urban outdoor sophistication, Bean Pole’s Dove Down drew attention with its differentiated design highlighting a casual style that can be worn every day. The Dove Down was sold out earlier on as it won popularity among fashion enthusiasts from major online fashion communities.
Beanpole Outdoor now offers the Dove Original 2014 with improved designs and functionality in two lines, the ‘Dove Style’ and ‘Dove Premium.’ This is a strategy to satisfy customers’ various needs by diversifying the colors, lengths and filling materials in order to expand the customer base.
Unveiling of Kim Soo-hyun’s new Dove Down movie, ‘A scene from a winter’
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