Cheerful donation from heroes of ‘Non Summit’, Julian and Zhang Yuan Cheil Industries released a video to celebrate the opening of its goodwill store known as the “HEARTIST House”
Cheil Industries released a video to celebrate the opening of its goodwill store known as the “HEARTIST House”

Julian and Zhang Yuan show off handsome casual looks in this special talent donation  

On September 15, Cheil Industries released official promotional videos featuring Julian and Zhang Yuan for its CSR flagship store known as the HEARTIST House, which opened recently in Samcheong-dong. Videos can be found on the company’s Youtube channel ( and Facebook page (
Cheil Industries opened the HEARTIST House to commemorate its 60th anniversary. It is a special ‘goodwill store’ that donates the entire proceeds from clothing and fashion items to social contribution programs. The store sells “upcycled” products from designers and items donated from brands. The result is that the store delivers the pleasure of sharing with customers under its motto of “turning shopping to giving.” The entire proceeds will be given to provide scholarships, psychological therapy and medical care for underprivileged children.
Two performers from JTBC’s popular TV show ‘Non Summit’ appear in each video to introduce the HEARTIST House and their experience with it.
In the videos, Julian and Zhang Yuan catch attention with their fluent Korean and never-seen-before casual looks. The videos have gone viral thanks to Julian’s admirable height and slick VJaying, and Zhang Yuan’s clumsy but charming cuteness.
According to Cheil Industries, both Julian and Zhang Yuan participated in the project by donating their talent as they sympathized with the HEARTIST House’s purpose of giving and sharing. They also took part in the “Bag to Share” program in which they donated some of their own personal items. The company said, “Those two spread positive messages by participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in August. They are now joining hands with Cheil Industries to make more social contributions.”
Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered in Samcheong-dong to see the film shooting of Julian and Zhang Yuan at the HEARTIST House causing a heavy traffic jam. Cheil Industries added, “Regardless of gender and age, people cheered Julian and Zhang Yuan, which was louder than that for pop idols. It was obvious that they were the hottest commodities at the moment.”