Cheil Industries celebrates its 60 years in the fashion business By opening its goodwill store “HEARTIST House” Serves as a platform store for fashion CSR activities including social contribution and search for rising designers
Offering donated items from Cheil Industries, upcycled products and works by rising designers

Cheil Industries’ executives and employees donate their skills and talent as sales clerks, carrying additional significance 

On September 15, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its fashion business, Cheil Industries announced a new bluefor its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as an industry-leading fashion company and announced its CSR flagship store ‘HEARTIST House’ in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu.
Cheil Industries will open its own goodwill store named HEARTIST House in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu—a street of artists as well as an up-and-coming hot spot in Gangbuk.
The entire proceeds from clothing and fashion items sold at the six-story HEARTIST House (330㎡) will be spent on the social contribution programs Cheil Industries carries out for underprivileged neighbors.
- HEARTIST is a compound word signifying a warm HEART that listens attentively to neighbors and a place that shares fun with ARTISTs.
Cheil Industries will relate all its CSR activities to HEARTIS House and promote it into a hub that makes contributions to society through fashion.
Cheil Industries’ goodwill store HEARTIST House offers donated items from Cheil Industries’ flagship brands (Bean Pole, Galaxy, Rogatis, KUHO and LEBEIGE as well as upcycled fashion items by rising designers and eco-friendly products by rising designers in Korea.
- Upcycling: Process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value
Centering on fashion apparel and accessories, products sold at HEARTIST House comprise various items across the overall lifestyle including culture and living.
Furthermore, HEARTIST House uses shopping bags that are made of environment-friendly, bio-degradable plastics by people with disabilities, carrying additional significance. Also, these bags are made not only to help preserve the environment but also to serve as a “Bag to Share” in which customers can bring the goods they want to donate in the future.
- “Bag to Share Campaign”: The basement and store floors of HEARTIST House are open to customers and all the artists working with the store so that they can bring back unused goods in the store shopping bag for donation. HEARTIST House sells items that are useless to some but might be useful to others so that customers can buy them by donating a certain amount of money for neighbors.
Through its HEARTIST House goodwill store, Cheil Industries has engaged designers specializing in upcycling and eco-friendly brands in the planning of a CSR flagship store to promote the strengths of the fashion company, which goes beyond conventional, one-dimensional CSR programs of providing donations or sponsorships. Also, given that fashion is a visually-sensitive industry, the company will pointedly help provide art education for visually-impaired children who have been alienated from fashion.
Cheil Industries will position the store as an open place for participation—to give selling opportunities to rising designers and artists, helping hands to neighbors in need, and the pleasure of “turning shopping into giving” to purchasing customers.
HEARTIST House is specially decorated to serve its purpose of social contribution and sharing.
The building, which used to be a warehouse in the 1940s, went through a minimal renovation to restore it to its original look and has been revitalized into a store space with natural but rough charms.
But importantly, the building has been reborn into a meaningful, low-carbon/low-processed-goods space that cares for the environment and neighbors by recycling water generated from air conditioners and rainwater for flower beds and filling more than half of its furnishing with used ones.
- Five principles of the HEARTIST House
Based on five principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refine and Recover, the HEARTIST House is constructed to be an eco-friendly, low-carbon store.

HEARTIST House – Floor plan
The first floor of the HEARTIST House presents the culture and lifestyle goods of the rising artist brand while the second floor showcases fashion goods, accessories and upcycled items from collaboration between rising artists and HEARTIST.
The third and fourth floors are for women and men, respectively, and comprise donated items from Cheil Industries. The fifth floor was turned into a garden that serves as a resting place.
Of particular interest the basement of HEARTIST House is an open hall that was planned to be a relaxing place for sharing. Visitors can easily participate in various exhibitions, performances and flea markets. Cheil Industries expects HEARTIST House, its new concept for space, to help spread the culture of sharing into our daily lives.
Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that a series of volunteer activities continue among people sharing the purpose of social contribution and upcycling of the HEARTIST House.
At HEARTIST House, executives and employees of Cheil Industries will volunteer to serve as fashion advisors (FA). They will tell customers the purpose of the store and stories related to products, thereby raising the public awareness on various ways to share.
Also, Julian (from Belgium) and Zhang Yuan (from China), two performers from JTBC’s popular TV show ‘Non Summit’, have appeared in a video introducing the HEARTIST House. (
Having shared the purpose of social contribution and the value of sharing that HEARTIST House promotes, Julian and Zhang Yuan willingly donated their talent to the production of the video, adding warmth to the entire project.
Samsung Electronics has also participated in the project by donating a large-sized TV. The latest 78-inch curved UHD TV donated by Samsung Electronics will be used to promote various sharing activities—showing events and videos about the store, and displaying a donor tree which is made with names of the customers who participated in the sharing activities.
Yoon Joo Hwa, CEO of Cheil Industries’ Fashion Division, said, “Cheil Industries created HEARTIST House to pay homage to the late Chairman Lee Byung-chul’s legacy of civic contribution. Under its motto of ‘turning shopping into giving’, HEARTIST House will bring the pleasure of sharing to both artists and consumers, thereby showing a fresh direction not only to the fashion community but also to Korea’s CSR scene.”