Global Fashion Brand
NONAGON Unveiled
Global Fashion Brand NONAGON Unveiled
Creating a new business model through collaboration between fashion and entertainment

Opening pop-up stores at Galleria Luxury Hall, Beaker and overseas including Italy, China and Hong Kong

Rolling out as a wholesale business—a new venture including product planning and distribution 

NATURAL 9, a joint-venture between Cheil Industries and YG Entertainment, is ramping up its business by unveiling its new fashion brand NONAGON.
NATURAL 9’s launching of NONAGON is meaningful in that, beyond the popularity of Hallyu music based on K-Pop, it is the first step toward conquering the global fashion market through collaboration between Korea’s fashion and entertainment.
NATURAL 9 will start selling its global brand NONAGON for a limited time both online and at pop-up stores. This year, in particular, it will open pop-up stores not only in Korea but key fashion markets overseas as well including Milan, Hong Kong and Shanghai with a focus on publicizing the new NONAGON brand to global fashion markets.
Starting at the Galleria Luxury Hall on September 12th and running through the 25th, NONAGON roll out a series of pop-up stores at the 10 Corso Como flagship store in Milan, and the I.T store in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Then more pop-up stores will open in Korea starting on September 19th at 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam and at Avenuel which will close on October 2nd, while on September 26th pop-up stores will open at Beaker in Cheongdam and Hannam that will close on October 9.
  Store Period
Overseas 10 Corso Como’s flagship store in Milan 12 ~ 25 September
I.T stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai
(Hysan store, Shanghai store)
Korea Galleria Luxury Hall 12 ~ 25 September
10 Corso Como Cheongdam store and Avenuel store Sep 19 ~ Oct 2
Beaker Cheongdam store and Hannam store Sep 26 ~ Oct 9
NONAGON is a young street casual brand, targeting customers in their late teens to early thirties who enjoy street culture.
Its main items comprise must-haves for the street scene such as bomber jackets and sweat shirts for men, and mini dresses and snapbacks for women. Most of the items use high-quality materials like jersey and leather, providing a comfortable fit and long-lasting utility.
NATURAL 9 is planning a wholesale business format for NONAGON using its distribution network of compilation and pop-up stores around the world. It aims to achieve KRW100 billion in sales by 2017.
Yang Min-suk, CEO of both NATURAL 9 and YG Entertainment, said, “Backed by Cheil Industries’ expertise in fashion and YG’s marketing and production capabilities, NONAGON will maximize synergies to launch this business targeting young customers who enjoy a globalized street culture. 2015 will be its first year from which the brand will roll out diverse retailing strategies”.
Meanwhile, NONAGON presented its third promotional video on the 9th, following the two teaser videos released in April. In this new video Taeyang from Big Bang and CL from 2NE1, who are fashionistas themselves and artists who inspire NONAGON, showcase NONAGON’s concept and flagship products along with an intense performance.