Impeccable Su-hyun Kim introduces a stunning outdoor look for the fall season BEANPOLE Outdoor unveils its 2014 fall photo book
Su-hyeon Kim, the man from the stars, drew attention by releasing a photo book containing his handsome appearance.
In a photo book published by Cheil Industries’ BEANPOLE Outdoor, Asia’s beloved “Korean-wave” star Su-hyeon Kim introduces stylish outdoor fashions for the fall season in his perfectly suave manner. In the photo book, Kim Su-hyeon can be seen wearing various outdoor styles—from urban to extreme—with his impeccable appearance and astonishing proportions.
In particular, Su-hyeon Kim captured eyes by fashionably presenting the ‘Min-joon Do Wind Breaker’, newly upgraded for the 2014 Fall/Winter season by BEANPOLE Outdoor. First released last spring, BEANPOLE outdoor’s windbreaker sold out soon after Su-hyeon Kim was watched wearing it in the hit drama ‘My Love from the Star’. Scenes of him wearing the windbreaker went viral on the Internet, so it quickly became known as the ‘Min-joon Do Wind Breaker’. BEANPOLE Outdoor commented that for this season they upgraded its style by using a thermal lining for easy wear from fall to early winter while also making it available in more colors. Initial public responses were, “Su-hyeon Kim is so handsome, he’s impeccable,” or, “The Min-joon Do Windbreaker is so pretty”, or even, “He’s a man you want to go camping with.”
Meanwhile, BEANPOLE Outdoor will take pre-orders for its winter strategic items dove down jackets and “Skiddaw” down jackets at its stores across the nation and online store throughout September 14. Customers who purchase down jackets will be given a 20% discount.