Bean Pole Accessory unveils photos of its 2014 Fall/Winter men’s backpacks Young-kwang Kim boasts handsome fall looks
Runway model-turned-actor Young-kwang Kim drew attention by releasing a photo book packed full of fashionable looks for the fall season
In a special photo book published by Cheil Industries’ Bean Pole Accessory, Young-kwang Kim suggests 2014 Fall/Winter styling for men by introducing Beanpole’s fashionable men’s backpacks released for this fall. Young-kwang Kim displays his modeling experience, boasting his uniquely handsome features and perfect proportions.
For this season, Bean Pole Accessory is unveiling a line of “square” backpacks for men. They present a casual yet modern look so they are suitable not just for college students but also businessmen needing a backpack to stylishly match their casual business attire.
As usual, for this fall season Bean Pole Accessory will operate pop-up stores to showcase its new items at all its 20 stores across the nation starting with its Lotte Jeonju, Lotte Jamsil, Lotte Busan and Shinsegae Incheon flagship stores. The event will kick off on August 29 and run through October 9. Visiting customers will be offered a 10~20% discount on items.
Young-kwang Kim’s photos, which indulge in his stylish appeal, can be seen in the September edition of Singles.