8 Seconds introduces
moisture-capturing ‘Wonder Skin’
Applying ‘glycerin’ -a cosmetics ingredient-to clothing to enhance moisturizing effect
Draws moisture from the air as well as the inside of the body to keep the skin moist

Presenting sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, leggings and skirted leggings in chic monotone colors 

Following up on its ‘Wonder’ series, 8 Seconds has released ‘Wonder Skin’ which moisturizes the body during the summer season.
8 Seconds, a specialty private label retailer of Cheil Industries, announced on the 21st that it introduced ‘Wonder Skin’, the second installment of its ‘Wonder’ series, encouraged by the popularity of ‘Wonder Ice’ which it had ambitiously released in March.
As seen in its name, ‘Wonder Skin’ is a functional textile that keeps the skin moist just as facial toners do. One of the important features of skincare products is moisturizing and this often requires an ingredient called glycerin. Inspired by this, 8 Seconds has incorporated glycerin into its ‘Wonder Skin’ clothing line. Glycerin not only prevents dehydration but also draws moisture floating in the air, thereby keeping the body moist. Due to this property it is widely used in cosmetics, shampoo and soap to help keep the skin and hair moisturized.
With its function of keeping the body moist not only in hot summer but also during the cold winter, ‘Wonder Skin’ is a must-have item to address women’s anxiety about their skin. However, because there can be such a thing as too much glycerin that would actually interfere with moisturizing, ‘Wonder Skin’ was designed to contain just the perfect amount of glycerin to maximize the moisturizing effect of clothing while maintaining moisture on the skin.   
A cosmetics ingredient called BioCell was also added to ‘Wonder Skin’ to enhance softness and comfort for extended wear while another ingredient called etron helps extend the elasticity of the fabric thereby offering excellent resilience even after multiple washes.    
The ‘Wonder Skin’ line is reasonably priced with T-shirts selling for between 7,900 and 12,900 won. Seven styles are offered in 16 colors, mostly chic monotones but some are available in traditional stripe or splashy dot patterns. Skirted leggings are priced between 12,900 and 19,900 won.
Finally, ‘Wonder Skin’ clothes are designed to fit close to the body to accentuate a slim silhouette. This enables them to be worn as innerwear and feel like a second skin. 
Manager Min-kyung Mok of 8 Seconds said, “The key is that glycerin, which has been mostly used as a cosmetics ingredient, is applied to the fabrics. It will be the best gift for women in need of moisturizing throughout the year.”
Meanwhile, 8 Seconds’ ‘Wonder Ice’ apparel line emerged as the brand’s killer item as the first batch sold out within a month after its release and sales more than doubled from a year before.