Suji unveils a new
BEANPOLE Accessory “It Bag”
Style like Suji with the new for this fall “Lucky Bag”
Cheil Industries’ BEANPOLE Accessory unveils a special photo book featuring Korea’s first love, the eternally stunning actress Suji. The photo shoot captures her dazzling beauty as she poses with trendy “It Bags”, presenting a perfect 2014 Fall/Winter style. In this photo book, she fully transformed herself into a gorgeous lady ready for the fall season, boasting her multifaceted charm. 

Suji drew attention by presenting BEANPOLE Accessory’s new item for fall season, the “Lucky Bag” in a more mature and captivating manner. BEANPOLE Accessory’s “Lucky Bag” is a bucket back-style bag, which is one of the major trends for this fall. It went viral on the Internet as the “Suji Bag” long before its release.

With its minimal and sophisticated design, the “Lucky Bag” is quite versatile, matching well with either a feminine look just as Suji does or a more universal casual look. It is offered in four trendy color: wine and tan, and basic colors of black and blue.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the release of the “Lucky Bag” on September 1st, BEANPOLE Accessory will take pre-orders for a limited quantity at its store across the nation until August 31. During this period, customers who have placed a pre-order for Suji’s “Lucky Bag” will be given a 10% discount and an accompanying “eco bag.” Also, customers who add BEANPOLE Accessory to their Kakao Talk Plus Friend list will be given access to see the behind-the-scene video recording of Suji’s advertisement shootings and many discount opportunities on BEANPOLE Accessory’s new bags for this fall.