Highly recommended for camping in the heart of a city Suggesting stylish camping items for practical camping and campnic enthusiasts
Recommending camping items for each occasion
As camping becomes ever more popular, a more practical form of camping is expected to be highlighted this summer. More and more people, notably the young generation, are enjoying lightweight camping or ‘campnics’ (camping + picnic) along the banks of the Han River, in nearby forests or at music festivals. Campnic means casual camping similar to picnicking with one’s partner, friends or family, which is attractive in that anyone can enjoy lightweight camping at anytime or anywhere.

Samsung Everland’s urban outdoor brand Beanpole Outdoor offers young campnic enthusiasts a variety of camping items having both practical and emotional appeal.

Ryu Gwang-min, a merchandiser for Beanpole Outdoor, said, “As camping has become more popular, consumer needs for more convenience have increased. People who want to enjoy lightweight camping in urban areas are choosing camping goods based on their portability, usability and reasonableness in pricing. In short, they are looking for value. For the young generation that regards style highly, goods with an emotional appeal are increasingly being introduced.”

- For ‘campnic’ enthusiasts who prefer practical camping in the heart of a city

The Glam Cabana II shade tent recommended by Beanpole Outdoor specifically targets the young generation’s recent interest in campnicking. This tent was specifically designed to be light and compact yet highly practical for short duration camping. It can be easily up on the banks of the Han River, in nearby forests or at music festivals. Its compactness makes it highly portable and its price is also reasonable.

Beanpole Outdoor’s shade tent uses a lightweight material for good portability and easy set-up and take-down. All four sides are made of a dual structure of mesh and fabric for better ventilation between its interior and exterior. This also helps prevent bugs from inviting themselves inside. It is very light and portable so it is perfect for an urban picnic. It can be easily up and taken down and carried about. In addition, its checkered pattern, an integral part of Beanpole’s brand identity makes it even more stylish.

Among serial campers who enjoy ‘campnics’, camping chairs are a must-have item for a more relaxing experience. Beanpole Outdoor’s camping chair is the result of a collaborative project with Helinox, a popular brand in Europe and Japan. It is compact for better portability and very easy to up. Using Beanpole’s unique checkered pattern, it has a sophisticated look that satisfies consumer needs for emotional appeal.

- For campers who go heavyweight camping with their family

Beanpole Outdoor recommends its 4~6 person tents GLAMBUS-WIDE II and GLAMBUS-WIDE to campers who want to travel far with their family and go heavyweight camping for more than one night. The GLAMBUS-WIDE II and GLAMBUS-WIDE are dome-style tents that provide ample space for sleeping.

They minimize dew condensation with a ridge-format ventilation hole located at their upper end of the fly that allows warm and humid air to flow out while drawing fresh air in. In addition, Beanpole Outdoor’s GLAMBUS II is a high-performance tent with a hydraulic resistance (capacity to withstand water pressure) of 3,000ml, thereby mitigating any concern on rainy days. Its four-sided entrance and ventilation feature offers good airing on hot summer days. When used alone, its inner tent becomes a full shade. GLAMBUS II is more than enough for heavyweight campers to sleep in with only a blanket, but adding a camping bed or a sleeping bag can make camping more comfortable.

- For campers who want to experience lightweight camping without camping equipment

A visit to an urban camping zone is recommended to campers who want to experience lightweight camping without the need for a lot of camping equipment.

Advocating “glamping” (glamorous camping), which provides luxurious camping among nature as its brand specialty, Beanpole Outdoor offers a unique camping experience to its customers through collaboration with diverse leisure, culture and sports venues.

For example, you can enjoy glamping in the glamping zone while watching a baseball game at the Hanwha Eagles’ baseball stadium in Daejeon. Also, at Sky72 Country Club in Yeongjongdo, Incheon, you can also practice golf on a fairway covered with green grass while playing badminton or tossing a ball with your family.