7,000 Koreans chose national football team’s “Best 11” Based on the analysis of cheering messages
from 7,000 Koreans participating in the event
since May 19
Menswear brand Galaxy selected the “Best 11” among the national football team players who gathered the most cheering messages

“Son-sational” Son Heung-min received the most, followed by team captain Koo Ja-cheol and goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong

The most popular message was “Way to go! Go for it!” and sincere messages like “Do your best rather than be the best!”
Sponsoring the official suit of the Korea national football team, Samsung Everland’s flagship menswear brand Galaxy has selected the “Best 11” team among national football team players who got the most cheering messages from 7,000 Koreans who participated in the event. The “Best 11” were Park Chu-young for forward; Son Heung-min, Koo Ja-cheol, Lee Chung-yong, Ki Sung-yueng and Han Kook-young for midfielders; Yun Suk-young, Kwak Tae-hwi, Hwang Seok-ho and Lee Yong for defenders; and Jung Sung-ryong for goalkeeper.

Such a survey result is based on player-designated cheering text messages left by 7,000 people who participated in the ‘Victory Wishing Cheering Message’ event hosted by Galaxy’s micro site ( since May 19.

According to the survey, it was “Son-sational” Son Heung-min that gathered the most cheers (757 messages or 10.8%). He is the youngest of the national football team and in the spotlight as the most promising player. The second runner-up was the team’s captain Koo Ja-cheol (752 messages or 10.7%), followed by the team’s goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong (732 messages or 10.5%).

The most popular types of cheer were “Way to go! Go for it!” (29.6%) and “Look forward to a great play!” (27.7%), wishing a victory for the team. Messages to inspire players and help them relax ahead of the high-pressure games were also noticeable like “Do your best rather than be the best” (20.5%).

Furthermore, messages citing nicknames or pet names for players added fun to the event. Ji Dong-won (forward) was nicknamed “Tuna” because his first name is the same as a canned tuna company in Korea. Leaving cheering messages full of love, fans called Kim Chang-soo (defender) “Chang-sook” as he is shy; Kim Shin-wook (forward) “Long-legged Maradona” because he is the tallest of the team; Hong Jeong-ho (defender) “Wall Jeong-ho”; and Kim Bo-kyung “Post Park Ji-sung” who Park Ji-sung had marked as his successor.

Also, making a pun on defender Lee Yong’s name, a participant left a message saying, “Lee yong~ lee yong~ Move over. Lee Yong is coming!” To Ki Sung-yueng who has married actress Han Hye-jin, someone wittingly commented, “Han Hye-jin is watching you.”

Galaxy personnel said, “We’re happy that we can cheer national football team players through various methods like songs and messages as well as sponsoring their official suit. Starting with the first match with Russia, we expect them to play well on the back of Korean people’s cheers and hope.”

This is the second time Galaxy has sponsored the official suit for the Korean national football team since doing so for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. As part of its campaign called “Go win with the pride of the nation”, it has also produced and released the official Galaxy cheering song for the team ‘We Want Victory, Pride 11’ sung by singer Kim Kyung-ho together with 2,014 Koreans.