Coach Hong Myung-bo wears
Galaxy attire at World Cup
Korea national football team coach Hong Myung-bo to wear Galaxy attire at the World Cup
Dressed in a suit optimized for the climate of each location for the best physical condition

Expected to raise Korea’s image with his competitive advantage in fashion as well as ability on the global stage
Korea national football team coach Hong Myung-bo has chosen the menswear brand Galaxy for his choice of suit for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Galaxy, Samsung Everland’s flagship menswear brand, has decided to provide Galaxy suits to Mr. Hong to enhance his status as the head coach of the Korean national football team as well as the nation’s image.

The World Cup is an important event that requires leadership and prescient judgment of strategies and tactics from any coach. The condition of a coach on a match day can influence his decisions. Given coach Hong’s thoroughness, what he wears on a match day may affect his judgment. Factoring in such an assumption, Galaxy took the initiative for Mr. Hong. 

To analyze the characteristics of the locations where the Korean national football team will play their games, Galaxy used various online and offline data as well as multiple interviews with regional specialists of the Korea Football Association. Based on this, they have created a suit optimized for the temperature and humidity of each location so that Mr. Hong can attend games in the best condition possible.

Both temperature and humidity is high in Cuiabá, where the Korean national football team will compete against Russia. Therefore, Mr. Hong will wear a suit made of mohair that can maintain freshness. In Porto Alegre where the team faces Algeria, it is highly likely to rain so Mr. Hong will wear a suit made of light wool accompanied with a raincoat made of water-resistant polyester. Meanwhile, it is always springtime with a strong wind in São Paulo where the team will meet Belgium, for which Galaxy has prepared a solid, charcoal grey suit matched with a windbreaker.

In addition, the brand has worked hard to choose the right colors. Using colors and patterns complementary to those of competing teams, it didn’t fail to pay attention to the smallest details.

A Galaxy designer said, “We have created a suit made of the best fabric and design which can demonstrate Mr. Hong’s dignity and pride as the leader of the Korean national football team. By wearing suits whose fabric and design are optimized for local environments, Mr. Hong will be able to maintain the best condition.”