8Seconds’ hot pants,
the magic of 27cm
Designed to make legs look slim and long,
targeting Asian women
Designed to make legs look slim and long, targeting Asian women

Increasing production volume by over 30% this year given the sold-out phenomenon of last year

Offered in a wider variety of 50 colors and styles with an enhanced practicality from stretch fabric 

June 2—8Seconds, a specialty private label retailer of Samsung Everland’s fashion division, announced that it had released a new line of hot pants, its key item to lead the fashion style for the summer of 2014.
Sold out last year, 8Seconds increased the production volume of its killer item hot pants by more than 30% this year. So far sales have already risen over 10% from a year ago. Given the poor consumption resulting from the Sewol ferry tragedy, such a figure seems amazing.
Accentuating sexiness and cuteness, 8Seconds’ hot pants are now offered in a wider variety of 50 colors and styles and have significantly enhanced practicality by using a cotton-poly blend that stretches in all directions.
Optimized particularly for Asian women, 8Seconds’ hot pants make legs look as long and slim as possible. Compared to western women, Asian women have shorter legs, so 8Seconds’ hot pants focus on the length to tackle such a disadvantage. In fact, they have found the most effective length that makes legs look slimmer and longer through a number of tests and analyses. The magic number turns out to be 27cm. This solution is enough to satisfy women’s desire to make their legs look more beautiful.
In addition, the pants are made from a cotton-poly denim offered in tropical, ethnic and dot prints, reflecting the latest trends. The price is also very reasonable at KRW 19,900 ~ 29,900. This is one of the most important factors that lead customers to purchase again and again.
Lee Song-yi, a merchandiser of 8Seconds, said, “We designed and developed this product to cater to the common interest of women—a pair of hot pants that makes legs look longer and slimmer. Made in eye-catching colors and styles, 8Seconds’ hot pants can be easily matched with blouses and t-shirts for beaches and resorts.”