Exuding soft charisma, Moon So-ri released elegant photos taken in a resort Revealing a beautiful bodyline typical of twenty-something women
Revealing a beautiful bodyline typical of twenty-something women

A fashion photo book for the womenswear brand LEBEIGE 

Photos recently taken of Moon So-ri, a stalwart actress with impressive, soft charisma in a resort have been released, who is. She posed for a luxury resort-look photo shoot together with a womenswear brand ‘LEBEIGE’.
Taken at the outdoor poolside of an upscale hotel in Seoul, Moon So-ri’s photos exude the graceful sensibility unique to LEBEIGE as well as her usual image of intelligence and dignity. Ms. Moon So-ri displays her exemplary graceful holiday style by perfectly wearing not only classic resort attire but also lively and active leisure lines. In particular, during her swimsuit photo shoot she boasted a beautiful and perfect figure equal to that of twenty-something women, becoming the center of attention and winning praise from all around.
Upon release her photos immediately received a favorable response from viewers who expressed their views on the Internet with statements like, “I envy her for her firm figure,” “Its (LEBEIGE) sophisticated looks go well with Moon So-ri,” “She can pass for a twenty-something,” and “She looks like a professional model!”
Meanwhile, by re-interpreting the feel of a Korean calligraphy brush, LEBEIGE offers both a resort line and a leisure line which fully indulge oriental looks for its 2014 summer collection.
Ms Moon’s resort-look photos can be seen in the June edition of HEREN.