ROGATIS for ‘Cool’ Guys Will release new Cool Biz products including the newly introduced Ice UNCON-Suit and Flying Jacket
Will run a prize giveaway event in May through the official blog and Facebook page
What had been anticipated has finally arrived. As the weather gets hotter towards summer, ROGATIS’ Smart Cool Biz products will be ready to keep guys cool during their summer business activities.
Samsung Everland’s ROGATIS announced on the 20th the release of its new Smart Cool Biz products including the new Ice UNCON-Suit and Flying Jacket to lead the business fashion trend for the summer of 2014.  
The key to the Cool Biz look is to keep cool and refreshed in the face of heated business negotiations and high summer temperatures. For a comfortable yet businesslike presence, it is important to keep cool, refreshed and comfortable even after wearing a suit for hours on end.
The ROGATIS’ Ice UNCON-Suit is characterized by its minimal use of padding that is used as a kind of framework to hold the shape of a suit jacket with shoulder pads more than halved in thickness than ordinary suits. A pleasant consequence of this is that the jacket is more than 100g lighter than other suits, thus reducing unnecessary strain on the shoulders and back. Made with wrinkle-free wool and soft mohair that feels luxurious to touch, the Ice UNCON-Suit uses a special cooling technology to lower temperatures by around 1°C. The Aero Cool (quick drying) and mesh (breathable) lining further enhance comfort.
ROGATIS paid particular attention to the materials in order to maximize freshness to bolster the wearer’s confidence. For the Flying Jacket, lightweight materials mostly derived from nature, such as linen and bamboo, are used. At the same time, the use of subsidiary materials is kept to the minimum so as to ensure a pleasant and light feeling. The mesh sewn into the interior increases cooling and maximizes moisture whisking.
To celebrate the launch of the Ice UNCON-Suit and Flying Jacket, ROGATIS is holding a special prize giveaway event from the 14th to the 31st of this month through its official blog, YouTube channel and Samsung Fashion Facebook page. Customers participating in the event will be selected through a drawing with winners receiving gifts such as an Ice UNCON-Suit (1), Flying Jacket (1), signed brochures (10) and Lotte Cinema movie tickets (20).