‘Lost Valley’ line launched by Beanpole Kids Practical yet stylish apparel ideal for outdoor activities
Joint marketing and special events by Everland’s fashion and resort sectors drawing attention
Samsung Everland’s ‘Beanpole Kids’ has launched its newly created “Lost Valley” line in May comprised of new products suitable for weekend outings and outdoor activities. The Lost Valley line, new for the 2014 summer season, is specifically designed to help children enjoy outdoor activities in line with their increasing demand for leisure activities and family camping.  
The ‘Lost Valley’ line draws attention as it is the first fruit of collaboration between Samsung Everland’s fashion and resort divisions since Cheil Industries’ fashion business was transferred to Samsung Everland on December 1st last year. Lost Valley is also the name of Everland Resort’s new safari park that features a specially outfitted safari-style bus that takes passengers on a tour of the animal park featuring wild African animals—giraffes, elephants, lions etc.—and even flamingos. The kids line was launched on the first anniversary of the opening of Lost Valley in hopes of creating synergy between the two brands.
Beanpole Kids’ Lost Valley line is characterized by its practical functionality designed for outdoor activities blended with the brand’s signature traditional casual style. As family camping and leisure activities have become the focus in the kids apparel market following the popularity of such TV programs as ‘Superman is Back’ and ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?,’ the Lost Valley line, while maintaining the unique classical design recognized as the brand’s strength, incorporates practical features such as waterproofing, wind breaking, moisture whisking, fast drying and bug-repellent materials to help children enjoy outdoor activities in comfort.
Lost Valley clothing is comfortable and pleasant to wear even after a long outdoor or sports activity. The fabrics block out wind and rain, whisk away sweat and repel insects. The entire Lost Valley line was designed with the caring heart of a mother trying to protect her children from the rapidly changing weather conditions and outdoor environments.
“Beanpole Kids’ Lost Valley line is a multi-wear line that is fashionable and functional at the same time as all items are made with functional materials used on outdoor clothing while keeping the brand’s traditional casual design,” explained Beanpole Kids’ Design Director Su-Jin Shim. “We will a niche market by differentiating it from existing kids’ brands in terms of materials and from outdoor brands in terms of design.”
The key items of Beanpole Kids’ ‘Lost Valley’ line are T-shirts and pants for boys and a checkered dress for girls. Highlighted with patchwork on the chest, the boys’ T-shirt was created using Thermo-cool fabric to increase breathability for improved cooling. The vivid orange colored checkered dress for girls is made with ice-cotton fabric, which maximizes cooling when in contact with the skin.
Samsung Everland organized a special online event to celebrate the launching of Beanpole Kids’ ‘Lost Valley’ line. To be held for one month from May 15 to June 15, this event will be run concurrently through both Beanpole’s official Facebook page and the official Facebook page of Samsung Everland Resort. Those wishing to participate should click ‘Like’ in the Facebook pages of either Beanpole or Everland Resort to play the specially designed puzzle game, which both parents and children can enjoy. From those participating in the event, the 60 who recorded the highest scores in the puzzle game or tried the game the most number of times will be selected and presented with prizes including a yearly membership to Everland Resort or gift vouchers for products from Samsung Everland’s fashion sector.