Gold medal romance with Sang-Hwa Lee, Tae-Bum Mo and Seung-Hoon Lee Beanpole unveils Men & Ladies romantic photo album for spring 2014
Samsung Everland’s ‘Beanpole’ fashion apparel brand has unveiled a romantic photo album featuring three ice skating stars.
In the romantic photo album, Sang-Hwa Lee, Tae-Bum Mo and Seung-Hoon Lee, heroes of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, cab be seen modeling a beautiful date look, a stylish look and a chic business look outside the ice rink.
The heroes of the Sochi Olympics can also be seen modeling a range of other looks from sporty casual to business chic. In particular, Sang-Hwa Lee, the Empress of the Ice Rink, evokes her ‘gold medal’ charm dressed in a colorful floral patterned sleeveless dress that accentuates her beautiful feminine curves. The fashion-conscious skater who enjoys shopping and painting her nails in vibrant colors showed off her femininity, which is not readily found in the ice rink.
Tae-Bum Mo and Seung-Hoon Lee, the two handsome skaters, are seen enjoying an early summer dressed in shirts and chinos of various colors. They pull off a casual weekend look by matching simple cotton t-shirts with colorful pants.
The romantic photo album of Seung-Hoon Lee, Tae-Bum Mo and Sang-Hwa Lee is available from Beanpole’s official blog (