Buy a ‘KUHO’ T-shirt and
give light to visually impaired children
11th ‘KUHO Heart for Eye’ campaign supporting eyesight recovery operations for children
Football player Jung-Hwan Ahn’s family and TV personality Hui-Jae Lee’s family participated in the ‘Good-Hearted Photo Album’ production

Will concurrently launch T-shirts, cardigans and slip-ons designed in collaboration with sculptor Hyung-Koo Lee
May 8—Samsung Everland’s women’s fashion brand ‘KUHO’ has released its ‘Heart for Eye’ donation T-shirts through 54 KUHO stores nationwide. ‘Heart for Eye’ is a community outreach campaign started by ‘KUHO’ in 2006 with the goal to share the beauty of fashion by helping visually impaired children recover their eyesight. All proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts are donated for eyesight recovery operations of visually impaired children. Through ten campaigns since 2006, a total of 233 visually impaired children have been given opportunities to see the beautiful light of the world by receiving treatments and surgical operations including strabismus surgery and artificial eye implants.  
For the ‘Heart for Eye’ campaign held for the 11th time this year, a photo album was published to ruminate on the true meaning of family and children with participation by football player Jung-Hwan Ahn, his wife Hye-Won Lee and their son Ri-Hwan Ahn, and TV personality Hui-Jae Lee and his wife Jung-Won Moon who are gaining popularity as of late through their appearance on TV shows as well as an actress Sung-Eun Kim and her husband, a football player, Jo-Gook Jung. In addition, artists from various genres joined in efforts of meaningful sharing. The participating artists included world-renowned violist Richard Yongjae O’Neal, violinist Zia Shin, and sculptor Hyung-Koo Lee who is drawing attention among domestic and international art circles.
In particular, for this campaign, a collaborative T-shirt was created based on ‘Eyeball Analysis’ (2013), a work of Hyung-Koo Lee a sculptor renowned for his creative artworks based on the study of the human body. Lee created a huge sensation among Korea’s art world when he exhibited his ‘Animatus’ series at the Pavilion of the Republic of Korea at the Venice Biennale 2007 and has since been gaining broader recognition for his works interpreting various cultural and science topics through his unique imagination.
‘Heart for Eye’ T-shirts will be released in seven designs based on the shape of the ‘heart’ in an attempt to express the message to bring together hearts for children. This line also includes shirts, baggy pants, cardigans, canvas bags and slip-ons. Made with 100% organic cotton, ‘Heart for Eye’ T-shirts for men and women are priced at KRW 90,000 and those for children are KRW 50,000. The products of this campaign, which is an opportunity for the whole family to participate in good-hearted consumption, are available in KUHO stores nationwide, Samsung Everland official shopping mall ‘Fashionpia’ ( and the online flagship store ‘29cm’ ( In addition, some of the people who click ‘Like’ in Samsung Fashion’s Facebook page ( and post campaign details in their SNS by May 31 will be selected and presented with a donation t-shirt as a gift.